Powerful communication and security networks for schools

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Grandstream’s range of solutions enables you to build a powerful communication and security network, that supports the flow of communication while keeping any school or college safe and secure.

Apart from providing education, schools must provide a safe environment for their students. This can be achieved with Grandstream’s series of facility access devices that enable schools to track, manage and record who is coming and going.

For a robust intercom network, schools can combine these facility access devices with Grandstream’s IP phones. This will allow staff to grant or deny visitors access from their phones. Simply place an IP video door phone at the entrance gate, an IP video phone in the main office and a Grandstream PBX in the server room to allow communication between the door phone and the videophone. An intercom system adds a lot of value for crucial announcements like extreme weather, street protests or simply for general info to be broadcasted into classrooms.

To support mobility within the school, Grandstream’s range of Wi-Fi phones can easily integrate with the existing Wi-Fi network, while their DECT solutions offer a more cost-effective cordless solution for teachers who alternate between multiple classrooms. These cordless devices allow teachers, administrators and security staff to be reached anywhere in the school and both devices can be integrated with Grandstream’s facility access devices.

Wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are now widely used and have the potential to revolutionise education, but for this to be successful schools need a robust and scalable Wi-Fi network.

Grandstream’s GWN series enables schools to build resilient Wi-Fi networks that are secure, scalable and easy-to-manage. Extending the Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire school is made seamless with Grandtsream’s range of outdoor APs. This enables teachers to conduct their lessons from anywhere on campus without being limited to specific classrooms. Teachers can even take their lessons outside and shift the structure of modern teaching into something a bit livelier.

Grandstream’s video and web conferencing solutions will take any class to the next level. The GVC series of video conferencing devices offer an easy and convenient way to bring in guest speakers and allows for a class to be taught remotely. By combining any GVC series device with Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk service, schools and universities can allow remote class attendance through the web while also offering another convenient method for supporting guest speakers.

If you are looking to build a communication solution for any school, Grandstream has everything you need.

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