Liquid completes two new fibre routes in South Africa

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid) South Africa has announced the successful completion of two new fibre routes – NLD5 and NLD6 – connecting Durban to Cape Town via an inland route.

The company said the completion of this fibre network would support the surging demand for high-speed Internet as an increasing number of South African businesses continued their digital transformation journeys.

“Increased access to high-speed fibre connectivity is critical to improving not just telecommunication services for millions of South Africans in the country, it will also bring substantial social and economic benefits to businesses and governments as the focus on the Fourth Industrial revolution increases,” Liquid said.

Liquid South Africa CEO Deon Geyser stated this was a milestone in the company’s ongoing investment into the South African economy.

“Liquid has been instrumental in the fruition of routes 1 through to 8, providing a digital backbone that connects metropolitan cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to more remote areas like Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Lady Smith, Mthatha,” Geyser said.

“This is also part of our Group’s continued focus on bringing world-class digital services like Cloud, Unified Communications,  Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to local businesses in the public and private sectors,” said Geyser.

More than 1,700km covered

Liquid said that the digital corridors created by these network now spanned over 1,700km and offered near-unlimited capacity and greater redundancy.

This would positively impact numerous industries, especially educators and healthcare practitioners, as they increase their reach to the remotest parts of the country, Liquid stated.

“Access to improved digital services will also impact the education system in the country as the government gears to empower more youth with digital skills as newer vocations develop through the 4IR,” Liquid said.

The route forms part of the southern corridor that Liquid has invested in to connect East and West Africa via a terrestrial network.

Source: MyBroadband