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February 2020 Newletter

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The SIP IDS service is designed to assist in the prevention of the SIP attacks on QX. If enabled, the SIP IDS will detect repetitive SIP authorization requests (e.g. failed SIP Registrations, failed SIP Subscribe messages) and automatically block the offenders by adding their IP addresses to the Blocked IP List in the Firewall or discard the SIP messages from those IP addresses, depending on your choice of settings.

In the latest public release for QX IP PBXs the SIP IDS feature has been redesigned and enhanced with new options in order to make the SIP IDS behavior more flexible, thus more effective.

Henceforth, the newly added Do not Block in Firewall option in the SIP IDS system will prevent undesirable blocking of IP phones, especially soft phones, when authorization requests from those devices are mistakenly identified as SIP attacks. It will discard the SIP messages from the IP address within the preconfigured period, instead of permanently blocking and adding them to the Blocked IP List of Firewall.

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