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Epygi: April 2021 Newsletter

We are excited to announce that in the upcoming FW version the Epygi Calling Cost Control feature will be updated with a new PIN barring option. This will greatly enhance the flexibility and usability of the Calling Cost Control on the Epygi IP PBXs of QX and UC line.

The PIN barring feature will allow to assign and manage credits on the PIN codes configured in the QX Local AAA table. The assigned credits will be spent when the authentication by PIN option is used and when making calls through call routing rules with the Call Rate Settings is enabled. PIN codes, which have no credits assigned cannot use the routing rules with Call Rate Settings enabled.

Similar to the case where the calling credits are assigned to the QX extensions, the PIN barring feature calculates the call cost per minute and per second. Once the available credits assigned to the PIN are completely spent, placing new calls through the toll routing rules will not be possible until the available credit balance is updated, either manually or automatically.

For user convenience the automatic credit balance update for PIN codes can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.

To learn more about this feature, please contact us.

Sourced from: Epygi Blog. View the original article here.