Enghouse Interactive: Integrate an AI chatbot into your Omnichannel Contact Center software

Has it ever happened to you that you get in contact with a company’s chat and when you start interacting the only thing you get is an “I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question”? It’s too frustrating, isn’t it, for both the user and the contact center who can’t respond to customers with their chatbot? Hence, the importance of strengthening the attention in the digital channels with an Omnichannel Contact Center software. 

It is clear that consumer behavior has been transformed. We all look for a solution in our first contact with a company, quickly and efficiently, whether by phone, social networks, chat, video, or email. This is why it is essential for Contact Centers to achieve all-round interaction and communication with users. 

So, what is the importance of an omnichannel strategy?

A good start to understanding the relevance of an omnichannel strategy can be your own behavior as a consumer. The days of taking a landline phone to place an order or even entering a store simply to find out the price of a product are certainly behind us.

These attitudes, which in some way are already in the past, are a good way to summarize the importance of omnichannel. Customers are now looking to be able to get in touch with companies, from wherever they are and through any channel, whether online or offline. 

But what problems can the implementation of an omnichannel strategy solve?

Obviously, multi-channel is no longer enough. Now users tend to interact with companies through different channels and simultaneously. 

Maybe something similar has happened to you. You try to communicate with your bank, for example, and you open a chat, at the same time you do it through your cell phone calling the branch, and even go to their social networks to see who can help you more quickly and effectively. The only thing you want is to get a quick solution and not spend all day between channels waiting for someone to give you some information.

This is why providing the service through an omnichannel platform will allow you:

  • Give continuity to a service without the need for the user to repeat his request again
  • Analysis and knowledge of user behavior, which allows us to understand their most recurrent channels
  • Customization of messages according to user preferences

Without a doubt, the omnichannel will make it possible for users to experience a homogeneous interaction regardless of the channel. Thus, providing a consistent and complete experience that meets the high expectations of users. Here the importance of having an omnichannel contact center platform integrated with self-service and automation tools.

According to Hubspot, the developer and marketer of software products for marketing, sales, and customer service; the chat volume has increased in the last 6 months and has had a trend above 90% since September. 

Now, when consumers interact with a brand digitally, they are waiting to find a chat option, which is why companies are starting with its implementation.

Therefore, putting the focus on these new channels such as chat, in which users manage to interact for different actions and at their own pace, should be a priority.

According to a report by Gartner, the consulting firm based in the United States, confirms that in the coming years the 25% of all operations in American companies are expected to be done with virtual assistants. This compares to 2% of companies that used to use this technology until very recently.

The same study also makes reference to the fact that 30% of the income of the companies in the United States will soon arrive, in the near future, in this digital way. Sectors such as retail, health, and banking are the most involved.

Self-service and Automation

Self-service is a key and increasingly important part of the integrated customer experience. Increasingly, users expect to receive solutions to their requirements in a simple and agile manner, even without the need for an agent to intervene.

Technology has evolved, and today you can serve your customers 24/7 with Virtual Assistants, who understand natural language, can handle all your digital channel traffic in the first instance, and transfer to a real agent to continue the conversation, which may not be understood or require human expertise.

In this way, chatbots play a very important role in the relationship with customers and prospects. But no one wants to come into contact with a bot that does not know how to solve your questions. That’s why it’s essential that the virtual assistant you integrate into your omnichannel contact center software succeeds:

solucionBe decisive in the first contact

sincronizacion Understand your customers’ natural language

integracion 2 Integrate into your business processes

pregunta 2Delivering an adequate response

velocidad de la paginaOptimize your service

negocios y finanzas 3Increase your business opportunities and build customer loyalty.

According to the Gartner consulting firm, by 2021, 15 percent of customer service interactions will be managed through Artificial Intelligence. It also mentions that by the same year, 50% of companies will invest more money in online chatbots instead of mobile applications.

Here’s a curious and interesting fact! According to an article published by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, users tend to interact 30% more with a chatbot that is a woman. However, UNESCO recommends using both genders to avoid discrimination in this regard.

Give your customers the most complete attention with our Artificial Intelligence Chatbot solution

Enghouse Interactive’s chatbot is able to talk to customers as if it were a person, naturally, fluently, and through any channel. It solves queries instantly, understands each message, and responds efficiently.

By integrating Enghouse Interactive’s omnibus chatbot into your contact center strategy you will achieve:

  • Improve customer experience by articulating Artificial and Human Intelligence. It integrates with the Contact Center ecosystem, referring the interaction to the most capable agent at that moment to solve the request that the bot has not been able to solve
  • Offers a personalized experience
  • A single bot, automatically deployed on digital channels, phone, email, SMS, App and Web
  • Multi-channel and Multi-language
  • Control panels to visualize the main indicators of the service

This chatbot offers solutions for different industry sectors. It can be easily adapted to each particular business. It also has its own natural language recognition engine – NLU, which allows the construction of complex conversational bots with a high level of understanding.

Have you chosen to implement a chatbot on your website yet? Don’t worry, here are some more figures that can help you in that decision process.

  • 86% of B2B executives prefer to use a self-service tool for reordering, rather than contacting a sales agent. 
  • 82% of customers say that the number one element of a good customer experience is that their requirements are resolved quickly and effectively. 
  • 60% of customers are willing to pay a little more to get a better experience in their process and brand interaction experience.

Likewise, a recent study, developed by SalesForce Spain, highlights that 53% of organizations expect to use chatbots in the next 18 months. A 136% growth rate that provides a relevant factor for technology in the short term.

For all this, having an ‘artificial + human intelligence’ integrated into your omnichannel contact center software will allow you to automate customer service and revolutionize their experience through any channel. According to an experiment carried out by Hubspot, an online chatbot can reduce CPA (Cost per acquisition) by 477%, so optimize your service and accelerate the digital transformation of your sales with AI, what are you waiting for?

chatbot 4

Without a doubt, it has been demonstrated that live chat has become one of the most effective channels for interacting with brands, as it allows contact to be made at any time it is required.

In short, it is important to emphasize that the homogeneity in the channels that a company has to interact with its customers and prospects is the most important thing, and this can only be achieved through an Omnichannel Contact Center Software that offers a comprehensive approach to advance in the interactions with users. Here, the strategy revolves around the customer. Now it is not only about serving but also about impacting and surprising through all available channels. 

Sourced from: Enghouse Interactive. View the original article here.