Vox brings cost-effective, feature-rich UC to the local market with Far South and 3CX

Featured image Vox to bring cost effective feature rich UC to the local market with Far South and 3CX 2 2

Vox has announced that it is introducing a cost-effective, feature-rich unified communications solution, based on Far South 3CX PBX appliances, that helps businesses cut costs, improve customer experience and scale to match their needs. “Vox and Far South Networks have a 10 year-long partnership that shares the passion for providing on-premise communication functionality for businesses […]

How the lockdown has changed data usage


As the hard reality of the COVID-19 hits us, businesses have had no other alternative but to instruct employees to work from home. With more meetings taking place remotely and users jumping onto Teams, Skype, and Zoom, the need for high-speed, reliable, and affordable connectivity has never been greater. Click here to find out more […]