IR: Ensuring UCC success in 2021 and beyond

shutterstock 750 750x480 1As we look back on a year of upheaval and turmoil, the world of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) has undergone drastic changes which will transform the way organizations operate forever.

IR: Keeping the modern workforce connected

IFRS 17 CardCurrent events are changing the world. Communication and collaboration via digital means has become critical for business continuity. Decisions need to be made to adapt and maximize the potential for success.

IR: What’s your Business Continuity Plan?

business continuity planning 600x375 1The threat of disruption due to unforeseen events looms ominously over organizations, no matter how large or small. Your technology backbone includes your systems, applications, data and services and these are critical components of your business.

IR: Why video conferencing is vital

shutterstock 548319844These days, globalisation, and huge advancements in technology are making it necessary for organisations to keep up, or risk jeopardising their bottom line.