A Song of Ice and Data

shutterstock 742866265Data science is a key that can unlock the secrets to better business. By better managing and understanding resources, companies can drive down costs, even in areas where they don’t actively seek it. [...]

A Coffee With Ren

logo tab top nav main huawei 2 Strong Minds Discuss Ideas – Socrates Jun 15, 2019 [Shenzhen, China, June 15, 2019] Mr. Ren Zhengfei, Huawei Founder and CEO, will sit down with two of the world’s most prominent thinkers for a 100 minute discussion and Q&A session. [...]

Activating Intelligence at Work

shutterstock 122832445 e1560395916828Earlier this year I was invited to join and present at the AI Forum in Moscow. As the topic was of course AI, I couldn’t help but notice that people in the audience were checking emails and messages minutes before the event started. [...]