Euphoria Telecom: Your telephone solution can help you win at customer service this festive season. Here’s how.

euphoria phones PABX Retailers are hoping this festive season will help them recover from the ups and downs of the past 18 months. Customer service remains a critical aspect of achieving that. As 

Euphoria Telecom: Groundbreaking VoIP telephony market survey launches

Survey 13 October 2021 – WhichVoIP, in partnership with VoIP business telephone solutions provider

Euphoria Telecom: 5 Ways POPIA will affect outbound contact centres

Euphoria Telecom 1 On 1 July, the grace period for compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) will come to an end. That means organisations found to be in breach of the act will be liable for fines and even criminal persecution.

Different types of IP PBX and how they work

Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 13.05.02 1024x571 1 The Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system is the lifeline that connects you to your customers and drives the core communication infrastructure in your business.