Top 5 Telecommunications Trends in 2022

https specials imageserve 615149d9f6e6189ca7f6ae3e 0x0 Almost unbelievably, 2021 is near its conclusion and we’re all about to launch headfirst into 2022. Considering the unexpected twists and turns we’ve had to navigate this past year, predicting what the future holds is no easy task.

ECN: How many types of PBX are there?

AdobeStock 231494402 1 scaled 1 There are currently 4 dominant types of private branch exchange (PBX) telephone systems used by modern businesses depending on the size and requirements. We’ll take a look at these systems and which will work best for you.

ECN: Fibre for Schools

Oct. 22 What are the emerging technologies in the classroom Web 768x512 1 South African schools are increasingly moving away from the technophobic, teacher-dominated classroom setting and taking advantage of the incredible educational opportunities afforded by the digital age.

ECN: 10 benefits of a cloud-based PBX system

Cloud based The digital revolution has picked up some pace recently with South African businesses looking for ways to enhance operations using the latest technology. When it comes to telecommunications, the most innovative option is the cloud-based PBX system.

ECN: Cloud-based PBX over On-Premise PBX

on prem pbx VS cloud based e1542223796313 The shift to digital platforms has gained momentum for some time now, with 2020 precipitating somewhat of a leap by many major companies seeking to remain competitive amidst a global pandemic.