Enghouse Interactive: Selling a SaaS Contact Center solution has never been easier

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Are you a reseller of Cloud solutions? Then this is for you. Now you can offer a SaaS Contact Center software without worrying about anything else but getting the customer, we take care of everything else. Between 2021 and 2022, the number of Cloud services resellers has increased. In fact, according to Context’s ChannelWatch survey, […]

HoduCC – Call Center and Auto Dialer Software Stands out as FrontRunner in the Gartner report

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Providing impeccable services through tech-driven software, HoduSoft has become one of the reputed names in the unified communication industry. HoduSoft has bagged the title of

The pandemic changed everything: Where next for CX and South African contact centers in 2022?

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Three ways digital innovation will enable businesses to keep up with fast-changing customer demands There’s a direct correlation between excellent customer service and business growth. We’ve seen in the last year how customer expectations can change rapidly, sparking a scramble for organisations to adjust their customer service offerings and CX strategy accordingly to avoid being […]

HoduSoft: Top 5 Customer Experience Trends to Consider in 2022

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In recent years, businesses have realized the impact that customer experience has on the growth of their businesses. To make sure that their companies stick out in the market, they do everything to ensure that their customer experience is optimal.

Closing the Metrics Gap With Agent Focus

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Mar 31, 2022
Closing the Metrics Gap With Agent Focus
With the plethora of agent performance data available today, it can be challenging to determine where to focus.