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Octotel welcomes BitCo Home

Octotel welcomes BitCo Home

For BitCo FTTH packages on the Octotel Network visit

Cape Town, September 11, 2019 – Renowned for providing premium Internet Services to South African businesses and homes, BitCo has officially launched their Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) services on the Octotel Network in Cape Town.

Home Fibre customers had the first opportunity to get connected to BitCo Home on the Vumatel, Openserve and SADV Networks, and now, Octotel in Cape Town is live and ready.

BitCo is fast fulfilling its objectives to become a leader not only in the business space but for home as well. “The next step is providing more options available to more people, which is why we’re partnering with additional Fibre Network Operators across the country,” says BitCo CEO, Jarryd Chatz.

Home customers can expect a Fibre to the Home offering with highly competitive prices on month to month agreements coupled with 24/7 support. BitCo offers Home Fibre speeds from 10Mbps to 1000Mbps. Home Fibre packages are all uncapped and there is no shaping or throttling of lines.

Jarryd Chatz says, “Our customers have been asking us to expand our Home Fibre coverage for some time, especially in the Western Cape. We have now officially partnered with the largest Fibre Network Operators in the country and we will continue to onboard more as FTTH expands.”

Chatz concludes, “So far, we have received an overwhelming response for our FTTH services since inception in October 2018 and are excited to have officially launched with Octotel in the Mother City.”

For BitCo FTTH packages on the Octotel Network visit

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