Driving Operational Efficiencies



10 Dec, 2019

Driving operational efficiencies and delivering greater customer experiences through Digital Transformation

We live in an era of disruption with the digital revolution forever transforming the way people communicate, connect, collaborate, socialise, enjoy content and entertainment, and reach out and do business, every day. As such, businesses continue to drive their Digital Transformation agendas to ensure that they remain relevant and exceed their customers’ expectations.

With telecommunications, media, technology, Internet and IT boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, BCX recognises that transformation necessitates the incorporation of digital technologies to ensure there is a focused approach to drive operational efficiencies (and therefore business excellence) in delivering greater customer experiences.

Ensuring ongoing client value through our Digital Operating Model

To this end, BCX has adopted the next generation Digital Operating Model, thereby accelerating the introduction of new products and services, applying data analytics and customer insights, forming agile ecosystem partnerships and revamping its structures to be more solutions focused.

In line with this approach to Digitalisation, BCX has prioritised investment in a number of new solutions including:

  • SD-WAN
  • Converged connectivity
  • Extensive Cloud and Managed Services
  • Cloud migration and advisory services
  • IoT
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cyber security
  • Packaged applications

Optimising internal efficiencies and customer touch points

The growing awareness around becoming more agile, reacting more quickly to customers’ evolving needs, and ultimately becoming more effective in our operating capabilities, sees us actively engaging, defining and assisting our clients to unlock and build true value on their digital transformation journey.

Our focus is on unpacking the underlying problems that our clients are experiencing and developing integrated solutions that solve these problems. By gaining an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business challenges our collaborative approach ensures optimal service delivery that not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

This is achieved through our digital solutions and Digital Consultancy, providing a further layer of understanding and insight to improve our clients’ customers’ experience, optimising internal efficiencies and customer touch points and journeys as part of the B2B or B2B2C engagements.

Technologies, people and processes that enable our customer’s digital transformation journey

BCX recognises that our success will be measured on how well our solutions meet our client’s needs and helps them solve their current and future challenges. This requires organisational-wide cross-functional collaboration across multiple teams to bring its solutions to market. The combination of our technologies, together with the people and process focussed approach, enable our customer’s digital transformation journeys.

Our complete and integrated offerings include everything to solve the client’s challenges and digital solutions and are built on current and future enabling technologies (including SD-WAN and RPA). They are designed with the customer user experience and journey in mind and are based on key industry trends and customer requirements, ultimately backed by supporting business processes and skills.

BCX’s digitalisation can be seen through multiple lenses, namely, in driving the user experience capabilities and insights (enabled by our Customer Experience Group), expanding our digital capabilities through partnerships, focusing on workplace transformation and digital collaboration tools, embracing agile frameworks to drive focus and outcomes and using digital technologies to further drive digitalisation deeper into its current portfolio of products and services.

Going forward, the current product and services portfolio will undergo the necessary enhancements to ensure improved digital-like use of internet-enabled delivery models and support services. In addition, new digital products, services and solutions will be introduced based on key technology trends, partnerships, co-creation with clients, vertical solutions, emerging insights and analytics and customer requirements, with the aim of remaining relevant and continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations.



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