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BCX Clients and their customers Take Centre Stage

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BCX Clients and their customers Take Centre Stage

19 Feb, 2020

19 February 2020, Mozambique:   At a business event held this evening, BCX met with its strategic partners, clients and the media to share its vision for the future.

Since joining the Telkom stable in 2015, BCX has had the opportunity to take a step back to reorganise and reinvent itself.  According to Jonas Bogoshi, CEO of BCX “The rapid evolution of technology across the globe is occurring at speeds never experienced before.  This requires businesses to pause and rethink, reorganise and refocus to safeguard themselves for the future.  BCX has taken such an opportunity.”

According to Bogoshi, “BCX is squarely focused on the future and on what innovative technologies can do for our clients and their customers’ future. The reality is if you are not adapting to these technologies and rapidly changing customer needs, you will not survive.” The message from Bogoshi is clear, there is a shift in thinking at BCX and the customer takes centre stage, with its new customer centric strategy and vision.

The complex environments a business operates in today, requires it to be adaptable and agile enough to change its course midway, supported by technologies that make it more efficient, cost effective and productive.  “Our goal is to maximise our client’s productivity, increase their profits, and most of all, futureproof their business.” Says Werner Lindemann, Chief of Sales at BCX,

We can never achieve this in isolation, we operate in an ecosystem”, adds Lindemann, “So we collaborate with strong, innovative and dependable partners, those who are the best in industry, to bring to market the right product and solution to benefit our clients and in turn benefit their customers.”

With a wide footprint in Africa, and a rich legacy in Mozambique since 2005, BCX is well equipped to address the technology challenges facing local businesses, especially around the Digital Transformation journey.   “We have operated in Mozambique for about 15 years”, say’s Emilio Jorge, MD of BCX’s Mozambique operations, “This is a market in which we want to grow and to ensure that we service our clients and their customers according to their customised local needs.  A one size fits all approach no longer works and we are working closely with businesses in Mozambique to provide services that are essential to change, but that are purposeful to their business.”

Although, BCX was originally established in Mozambique to support South African businesses with their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) requirements, it has grown significantly to becoming a formidable ICT partner to various industry leaders in sectors such as Financial Services, Government, Telecommunications, including Mining and Energy in Mozambique.

 “Mozambique is an important part of BCX’s strategy and we are geared to customise our services to meet the local business requirements. Especially when it comes to Digital Transformation and Cyber Security. We aim to provide our clients in Mozambique with tailored solutions that are relevant and scalable” Adds Lindemann

The strategic approach taken by BCX to reorganise and refocus is yielding results.  This is demonstrated by the numerous awards for Partnership and Service excellence that it scooped up in the past year, such as the SAP EMEA South Award for Partner Excellence, the EMEA Cisco Managed Enterprise Networking Service Provider of the Year Award and the Cisco MEAR Manged Service Partner of the Year Award.  Most recently and for three consecutive years, BCX was presented with the Retail Point of Sale Partner of the Year by HP Alpha.The awards are around service excellence and is a great way to kickstart 2020 across our markets,” concludes Lindemann.


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Sourced from: BCX. View the original article here.

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