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China’s New Calling Regulations

In an attempt to crack down on spam traffic, Chinese telecom regulators recently released tighter restrictions in regard to voice calls made to China. How does this affect you? If you make outbound calls to Chinese destinations and your traffic patterns fail to meet these new standards, your calls have a high chance of being blocked by China’s spam monitoring system.

We are working closely with our partners in China to keep up with the latest updates for these regulations to ensure that we can provide you with stable, quality service for customers placing outbound calls to China. As a team, we would like to educate you on which type of traffic will get your calls blocked in China. Please note that these requirements have been put in place by China’s telecom regulators and apply to all telephony services providing call capabilities to China.

Using Chinese Caller ID (CLI)

First, in order to make outbound calls to China using a Chinese caller ID (CLI), you must be pre-authorized by AVOXI. If you are attempting to make outbound calls with a Chinese CLI and have not already been pre-authorized, your calls have a high probability of being blocked. In order to get pre-authorized, please contact your AVOXI account manager. Not sure if you are pre-authorized? Contact us today and we’ll verify for you!

Avoid Having Your Calls to China Blocked

You can avoid having your calls to China blocked by adhering to the following regulatory standards:

  • No unsolicited marketing calls
  • You do not have a high volume of unanswered calls
  • Your average call duration must be 3 minutes or more
  • Do not use an automated dialer to make outbound calls to China
  • Do not make calls from modified, spoofed, or restricted origination numbers
  • If you use a toll free number as your caller ID (CLI), your calls are likely to be blocked
  • Avoid high volumes of repeated calls made from the same origination number within an hour