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Avoxi: UCaaS vs. CCaaS vs. CPaaS

CPaaS is the acronym for Communications Platform as a Service. CPaaS providers let you add features and functions to your own products or applications. For example, if your business already hosts a mobile app, CPaaS could let your support team speak with customers through your app instead of through their phone app.

Benefits of CPaaS

CPaaS lets you develop real-time communications features without having to build your own tech stack. A CPaaS platform usually includes sample code, pre-built applications, an application programming interface (API) to let you integrate desired solutions, and other popular communication software tools. Some companies may offer integration libraries. Software vendors, communication service providers, systems integrators and hardware retailers make up the CPaaS market.

CPaaS platforms are a good solution for larger companies that offer complex inbound and outbound contact options. They allow organizations to upgrade their communication infrastructure without necessitating the lengthy process and large expense of hiring outside contractors to rewire the entire system. Furthermore, in-house developers can focus on building out company-specific applications and workflows instead of spending time creating the underlying IT infrastructure.

CPaaS lets companies offer a more personalized, one-to-one customer service experience. Video-based help desks, authentication services, and appointment reminders are all examples of customer-facing communication that a CPaaS makes possible. A CPaaS platform combined with a CRM (customer relationship management platform) can arm a customer service agent with background information about inbound callers so they can offer more personalized service and faster solutions to customer issues. CPaaS can help companies track their customer engagement and pinpoint areas for improvement as well.

Sourced from: Avoxi. View the original article here.