AVOXI Goes All-In on Remote Workforce

As a global organization, providing a supportive and flexible work environment for our AVOXI employees has always been incredibly important to us. We understand that if we can take care of those who work for us – in return, they’ll be the ones taking great care of our customers. 

Over the years, more and more technology companies have evolved into a remote work model, and to be honest, it’s something we’ve considered for quite some time. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it allowed us to see firsthand how our business would adjust to 100% remote work, and no surprise to us – our team nailed it!

Not only were we able to close 2020 strong, but our employees told us the work-life balance was better than ever before. Heading into this year we had an opportunity to make a big shift – an opportunity to make remote work a permanent aspect of AVOXI.

When considering this path, we knew there were some very important things to do:

  • Support Various Work Modes. As the world started to recover, we realized that each country had varying degrees of pandemic restrictions. We have several employees still at home taking care of loved ones or supporting their children’s virtual schooling, so we wanted to remain supportive of varying work modes.
  • Keeping Offices Open. Some employees prefer working from home, while others favor spending some time in-office. Because of that, we knew that we needed to keep our offices open so that our employees would have a place to convene whenever needed.
  • Invest More into Culture. Face-to-face interaction is something that we knew our employees love and miss. Investing more time and resources into our company culture through different virtual events and engagement would have to be a continued focus for us. We also realized that local remote would be best for us – allowing employees to conveniently collaborate in-person when desired.

We also took time to speak with our employees and hear what they had to say:

“Remote working surprised us all,” says Andrew Guarnieri, Product Owner. “My home is my creative space and being able to help my team bring a nascent idea to life really gave me confidence that this new work model will bring us success in 2021, just as it did in 2020. There was definitely an adjustment period, but we found our groove and prospered.”

“Not only does remote working bring respite from a long commute, but the enforcement of work-life balance remains,” says Michael Mahoney, Digital Marketing Specialist. “AVOXI has always prioritized a healthy boundary between work life and home life and has continued to do so through this transition.”

After much consideration and deliberate planning, as a team, we decided that AVOXI was going local remote as of January. 

Sourced from: Avoxi. View the original article here.