Chatbot socialisation earns Avaya’s 600th call centre patent

Avaya’s rapidly expanding OneCloud Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) portfolio is set to change how call centres operate.

Communications and collaboration solutions provider Avaya was awarded its 600th contact centre innovation patent by the U.S. Patent Office, for its latest AI technology advancement within the Avaya OneCloud Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) portfolio.

With customer interactions now being predominantly mobile, online, across multiple devices and modalities, contact centres are the primary point of engagement for organisations to connect, collaborate, and foster customer relationships.

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Avaya’s 600th contact centre patent was granted for “chatbot socialisation” technology, which uses artificial intelligence to build virtual agents capable of interacting across voice, text and chat channels to respond to customer inquiries and requests. With these AI capabilities infused into Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, the company says organisations can provide more seamless, predictive, and personalised customer and employee experiences through faster access to relevant information and programming virtual agents to pair with other interactive agents during client communications. These techniques enable continuous expansion and improvement of the knowledge base and effectiveness of AI systems and tools within the contact centre.

Avaya patent
Avaya’s 600th contact centre patent

Anthony Bartolo, Avaya executive vice president and chief product officer, says: “With over 4,400 patents across its CCaaS, UCaaS and CPaaS portfolios, Avaya has a remarkable history of invention, innovation and breakthrough advancements in delivering customer and employee experiences that organisations around the world can build their businesses on.

“We are committed to extending our technology leadership through investment in innovation, and by expanding our extensive ecosystem that includes partners and developers that augment our communications and collaboration platform and enable Avaya to deliver increased value to our customers.”

Avaya recently announced an expansion of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered customer experience capabilities for Avaya OneCloud CCaaS customers, through an extended relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As an AWS Partner offering AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions, Avaya can enable customers to leverage AWS AI Services and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to drive more rewarding customer and employee experiences across both voice and digital channels, through natural, conversation-driven interactions powered by AI and ML.

Google and AWS are key members of Avaya’s A.I.Connect program, an Avaya-led initiative that brings together an extensive ecosystem of vendors and developers taking an active part in building AI-driven solutions.

“A.I.Connect is accelerating the adoption of AI solutions in CCaaS and UCaaS portfolios, to deliver better customer engagement, drive agent productivity, and increase customer affinity,” the company said in a statement.

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