Aspect: Enterprise Customers Demand Choice and Flexibility

For more than 45 years, Aspect has been helping the world’s largest and most prestigious brands deliver outstanding customer experiences and ignite agent engagement and performance — I’ve personally been a part of the Aspect story for 20+ years.  Along the way, these organizations have been by our side, collaborating to provide product input and feedback, partnering with us to advance and continuously improve our contact center portfolio into the industry-leading, fully featured contact management and workforce optimization solutions they are today.
In my experience, the scalability needs and complexity of their operations prevent large enterprises from purchasing cookie-cutter software solutions. In order to best serve these customers, Aspect offers unparalleled choice and flexibility to ensure that our best-of-breed contact center solutions are designed around people and processes — while still offering the breadth and depth of capabilities organizations require to drive lifetime customer loyalty.
You’re probably thinking, “OK, I get it. There are BIG contact centers that need enterprise solutions, but why should I care?” Each year, Gartner releases a Magic Quadrant report for the contact center as a service (CCaaS) market. In this year’s report, Gartner characterizes CCaaS solutions as sub-500 seat contact center environments for organizations looking to consolidate stand-alone environments into an all-in-one solution, from a single provider. Typically, contact centers that serve small and medium sized businesses find an all-in-one, all-at-once delivery model more attractive.  This allows contact centers to consolidate into a single solution and from a CCaaS provider.  Large enterprises on the other hand, prefer best-of-breed solutions that are the proper fit for their business requirements, customizable and able to perform specialized functions better than an all-in-one system. Additionally, these companies have unique requirements for scalability, security and the ability to migrate applications and teams to the cloud at their own pace.
Based on the characterization of contact center as a service solutions in the Gartner 2020 CCaaS Magic Quadrant report, Aspect chose not to participate.
In the 2019 report, Gartner praised our offering, stating customers should “Consider Aspect’s Via platform if you are looking to deploy feature-rich CCaaS capabilities, particularly in large and very large contact centers.” We provide an enterprise cloud contact center solution that allows customers to start with one or multiple best-of-breed contact center applications and add more as their needs and requirements change. All of these applications are deployed on the Aspect Via Platform, which is backed by an industry-leading 99.999% SLA and enterprise-grade business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities.
As you know, enterprise contact centers require a level of control over data privacy and access that many small and medium-sized organizations simply do not. We’re unique in offering both multi-tenant and single-tenant deployment options, allowing our customers to choose the deployment model that is the right fit for their organization. We recognize that many large organizations have a preferred cloud-services provider, which is why Aspect offers customers their choice of Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure – while continuing to develop our software stack to be deployable in additional cloud environments.
Understanding that enterprise software buyers demand best-of-breed solutions, we’ve created a feature-rich portfolio of applications that are uniquely designed with the needs of large organizations in mind.
  • Developing the most advanced enterprise cloud contact center solution for the mobile workforce
  • Delivering the premier solution for omnichannel self-service and agent assisted interactions, outbound campaign management and compliance

Aspect has a well-rounded portfolio full of capabilities to help organizations achieve lifetime customer loyalty.

The Aspect Via Platform is the only enterprise cloud contact center solution that is purpose-built for enterprise buyers. We take pride in our history of helping the world’s top organizations shape industry-leading customer experiences, and we are committed to continuing to be cloud contact center vendor of choice for enterprise buyers for years to come.

Sourced from: Aspect Blog. View the original article here.