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On Bill Case Study

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Customer Needs:

In 2019, the customer was required to on bill their fixed and variable costs consumed on their Hosted Unified Communication Solution to their Partners and customers. At this time, they were using a telephone management solution to perform this complex task.

This Telephone Management solution needed to be maintained manually when new customers were on-boarded and when fixed costs were added or deleted from users on the Hosted Unified Communication Solution.

Unfortunately, the solution could not scale dynamically as the customer base grew. At month end, the process to invoice partners and customers became a manual validation and vetting process which was not sustainable.

Adapt IT Solutions:

Based on Adapt IT’s Functionality features and expertise, the Streamline On Bill Solution was implemented.

Using this product enabled the customer to have insight into total users consuming services and licenses being visible, validated and billed correctly for recovery.

Variable costs were also recovered accurately from partners and customers by extracting the correct data and applying appropriate markups

The product provided the customer with an interactive portal with little to no maintenance and together with accurate reporting and analytic insight into the use of their solution

What process was simplified:

The directory maintenance process of extensions linked to users and services are now automated and synchronised with the customer’s solution when any addition, modifications or updates are done. The billing process to partners and customers has been automated and with built in exception reporting and validation steps

Money and time Saved:    

  • With regards to time, hundreds of hours have been saved by the resources of the customer, the partners and the customers as they no longer have to keep system information up to date in different platforms. All information is now centralised and synced into the Streamline On Bill solution.
  • 15 – 20% of additional costs were recovered by avoiding inaccurate billing and billing discrepancies, assisting the customer to save on any run away costs that were occurring

Other benefits:

  • Invalid license allocation and inaccurate service allocation on the Unified Solution were highlighted and addressed on implementation of the Streamline On Bill Solution
  • Adapt IT worked closely with the customer in addressing their internal processes for keeping partner and customer information up to date and accurate
  • Together, we improved the billing process and aligned the Streamline On Bill billing extract to the customer’s month end invoicing requirements
  • Constant engagement continues in order to improve business processes and align to a better end customer. Currently, Adapt IT provides 2ndlevel support to the customer’s day to day operations.

The customer would like to deploy multiple instances of the solution into countries in Africa and also allow their customers to self-provision new extensions and change existing or new services for users on the platform.

Source: AdaptIT