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Free bandwidth for office parks – Accelerit Business Solutions

Accelerit’s journey as an ISP has been a remarkable one. The ISP has beaten the odds and kept up with the ever-changing environment and market demand.

Accelerit’s robust network architecture has been the key factor of this success. Partnering with the most reliable fibre network operators and international cable systems, it has managed to build a network across South Africa that has proven to be one of the most stable and efficient networks to date, where low latency is of utmost importance.

Accelerit plans to grow its business customer base extensively with the launch of its new product range and pricing structure targeting not only the big cities, but also smaller metros and towns. Aggressively competing for market share Accelerit has worked on solutions that will not only cater for your fibre connectivity, voice, security, cloud services and IT support – it added quicker response times and more stringent SLAs, which is sure to attract even the most unforgiving of customers.

“We have achieved well over 99.9% on aggregate on our business links over the past 24 months; with demanding enterprise clients on our network, you need to be on top of your game 24/7. We are connecting up clients in remote South African towns with redundant links of over 10gbps in capacity, something they’ve never experienced before,” says Lubabalo Qoto, Director of Operations.

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