The integration options for V16 keep on expanding and with the latest 3CX CRM Template Generator tool, integrating your CRM to 3CX is now easier than ever. This new release introduces the 3CX Template Generator Wizard function, transforming the cumbersome creation of an XML template to a walk in the park!

The Wizard of CRMs

Get a copy of your CRM’s RESTful API technical documentation and fire up the new 3CX CRM Template Generator to start the new wizard function. The 3CX Template Generator Wizard greatly simplifies the process of integrating 3CX with your CRM by:

  • Step-by-step CRM templates – just follow the on-screen instructions and reference your CRM’s API documentation to speed up the CRM template creation process.
  • Lowering the barrier to entry – the new wizard enables anyone with basic coding skills, to create an XML template for any CRM system with a RESTful API and integrate it with 3CX.
  • Minimize errors – the new wizard-driven approach enforces a more streamlined and disciplined template creation process, focusing on each part of the template and the required parameters.

Check out the 3CX CRM Template Generator step-by-step guide and the CRM Template Generator How-To video:

Known Issues & Requirements

  • New 3CX CRM Template Generator requires V16 with a valid, not self-signed, SSL certificate.

How to Download

Download the new 3CX CRM Template Generator and test your CRM integration with the latest 3CX v16 Update 2 Beta for Windows or Linux:

  • Windows: 3CX v16 Update 2 Beta
  • Linux: 3CX v16 on Debian 9 ISO – choose “Beta” on the “3CX Update Channel” screen.
  • Debian & Raspbian manual install: follow the instructions in the Debian and Raspberry Pi install guides.