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Super Charge Your Onboarding Process

Posted on July 28th, 2020 by Ellen Wilkinson, Partner Communications Manager

You’ve laboured over the tender, dedicated hours to the pitches and bagged yourself a new client. Now it’s time for the hard work to start. You need to make sure they fall in love with 3CX, just as much as we all do- and that means nailing your onboarding process.

users looking happy using their new system

Onboarding Increases User Adoption

Organisations utilising UC solutions have consistently been found to be more productive, more collaborative and faster at solving problems. The only catch is that they first need to ensure all users understand the systems full capabilities, in relation to their roles. After all, no one wants to buy a lampshade to find it being used as a wig stand! As a salesperson, your role doesn’t end as soon as there’s a signature on the dotted line. You need to support your clients with an effective onboarding plan that highlights the benefits of using particular features, call flows and strategies.

A bad onboarding experience with a new technology leads to more support tickets, more time wasted and more headaches. No one wants that! Fortunately, it can all be avoided with some careful planning. In our experience, the most successful onboarding strategies include the following elements:

  • Detailed Planning
  • Common Questions Anticipated Ahead of Time
  • Product Champions Nominated in House
  • Priority Support for Administrators

Plan Before Rolling Out

The most successful implementations come from a combination of good planning and support. During the sales process, it’s likely that you discussed the specific features 3CX offers and how they can be utilised within your client’s environment. Now is the time to flesh that information out and create guidance for particular roles within the organisation. This could come in the form of formal training, handouts & cheat sheets or 3CXs own user manual. Above all, make sure new users know what you are providing and how it will benefit them in the future.

Think Ahead

Of course, with any new technology, there will always be questions and as some of us are more change-resistant than others, there might be some tough ones too. Help your client to prepare by trying to anticipate common questions ahead of time.

Even if they have a comprehensive support package from you, your client is going to want to resolve minor issues in-house. So when reflecting on potential questions, try to step into the shoes of the user, replicating their daily usage and jotting down anything that could create a stumbling block. Perhaps, for example, they regularly use video conferences to discuss projects with external clients. They might, therefore, have questions around sending secure invitations to individuals outside of the organisation. If you can identify likely user scenario’s you will speed up the adoption process and reduce the likelihood of being bombarded with questions yourself.

Choose your Champions!

product champions can speed up user adoption

Product Champions can support the adoption of new technology within a specific department

As each department within an organisation has different demands for their communications tools, consider having Product Champions who can become ambassadors for 3CX around the office. Give a select group of users a preview of the new system and get their feedback. You can then use that information to design your onboarding plan and also invite the employees who were most enthusiastic about the system to take on a champion role.

Aim to have a champion from each department so that they can specialise in the features most relevant to their specific role. Once they are up to speed, they can assist with the training of new users and pass on their enthusiasm in the process. Being a product champion is also a great opportunity for those aspiring towards management roles, giving them an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills. Consider this when choosing champions as you’ll want to recruit individuals who are committed to their additional duties! Another easy win: if users see senior executives using the new UC tools, they will follow! So look for champions from all rungs of the corporate ladder.

Prioritise Administrative Support

We often focus our attention on setting up ‘normal’ colleagues with their new UC system, thinking that IT Administrators will pick it up in a moment. Whilst it’s true that your clients in-house IT Team will be able to use 3CX instantly, they don’t have your expert background in deployments and maintenance. Nor will they be aware of the full feature set and common shortcuts. Make sure to take good care of front-line administrators because they have major influence over users and adoption. One way to do this is to ensure that administrators receive priority support when they have questions or concerns.

Good things come to those who put in the effort. By taking the time to onboard your new clients thoroughly, you’ll get the best results and be building a name for yourself as one of the best in the business. Remember, when we’re looking to convert new prospects, social proof is a major influencer. By extending the sales cycle to include onboarding, you will encourage your reps to put customer satisfaction first and your reviews/ case studies will thank you for it!

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.

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