French Organization Idea Has Best One Yet in Switch to 3CX


LONDON, UK, 26TH JULY 2019 – 3CX, developer of the innovative business communications software, is pleased to announce that France’s Idea Expertises has successfully deployed its cutting-edge IP PBX solution at their headquarters in Cagnes sur Mer in the the South of France. Idea is a collective of automobile experts offering legal and other automobile related services.

The Idea headquarters are located just outside Nice with a workforce of over 200 experts, many of which are spread throughout the region and work remotely. The company were seeking a phone system that would be easy to implement and set up for all users no matter where they were located, and that would offer additional features that would make collaboration between colleagues and clients more productive. Idea’s Guillaume Brugirard was charged with finding a solution that would work and settled on 3CX as the phone system that would bring the group together. Additionally, 3CX’s personal touch and close relationship with partners were a deciding factor in the selection.

Guillaume Brugirard, IDEA: “The main feature that put 3CX to the top of our list was the quality of the commercial relations. 3CX and Synaps Telecom were so helpful during the initial period, providing comprehensive information on how their solution could benefit IDEA and how their installation would have IDEA’s new system up and running in no time. For us, the personal touch is very important in what we do and we look for that in our providers as well.”

Idea worked with 3CX partner Synaps Informatique and soon noted increases in customer satisfaction and productivity of the team improved. What’s more, Guillaume and the team are now able to enjoy an easy to manage solution without the hassle of tiresome maintenance for their communications.

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