3CX: SBC Update: Raspberry Pi OS & Latest TLS Suite

Posted on November 4th, 2020 by Constantinos Constantinou, Product Manager

A new update is available for the Session Border Controller (SBC) The main focus of this release is the optimization of the SBC for Debian 10 and the addition of the latest TLS suite. Read on for more details.

Raspberry Pi OS

We’ve optimized the SBC internals for the newest release of Raspberry Pi OS, based on Debian 10 Buster. This provides an attractive option if a customer has a cloud deployment of 3CX and needs a low-cost on-premise machine to host the SBC. This would allow them to support connections to a remote office, or other remote desk phones. (See this page for more details.)

You can deploy 3CX on a Raspberry Pi 4 by following these instructions, and choose 3CX SBC when it prompts you to Select What to Install.

Latest TLS

In addition, we’ve updated the SBC to use the latest TLS suite. This offers users improved security, performance and stability.

Both are part of our stable release and are ready for production use.

How to Deploy

Both improvements require the latest version of 3CX V16, Update 6. For system requirements for the Raspberry Pi, see our installation guide.

For a system that already has a configured SBC, simply open the Management Console, go to SIP Trunks and click Update.

For a new deployment of the new SBC on a standalone machine, follow the instructions in our guide to install on Linux or on Windows.

If you want to deploy an SBC HA Cluster, you need to use two spare machines and follow our SBC High Availability (HA) Clustering guide to get your cluster running.

View the complete change log here.

Sourced from: 3CX Blog. View the original article here.