Improve network performance while reducing the time and cost of provisioning and management

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With the global lockdowns and a mass drive to work from home, cloud-managed solutions have enabled companies to get employees on-line and productive in a remarkably short space of time. The responsibility now lies on IT teams and internet service providers to provide an optimal network experience for end-users.  There is a  constant need for simplicity, flexibility and automation to improve network performance, provide a dependable and reliable network, and deliver a zero-touch experience when rolling out new services or network changes and this is more applicable than ever before!

“Cloud networking solutions with Cambium Networks’ cnPilot™ Wi-Fi, cnMatrix™ switching, and cnMaestro™ cloud management convey an optimal customer experience while maintaining robust security and reducing cost,” says MiRO product manager, Charl Ducray.

“cnMatrix Enterprise Switches simplify network deployment and operation. When deployed with cnPilot access points and the cnMaestro management system, network operators have an affordable, feature-rich, high-quality unified wired or wireless enterprise-grade network. Cambium Networks’ cnMatrix enhances performance, security and end-user satisfaction while reducing costs.”

Cambium’s cnMatrix enterprise switches allow you to profile devices and automatically configure switching while providing a zero-touch experience even when deploying, disconnecting or moving network devices. It also provides a secure environment for critical network resources by automatically placing devices in the appropriate network segment based on their profile.

Additional security improvements are made by removing all associated dynamic configuration when a device disconnects, reducing the time and impact of breaches. Its free, cloud-based management platform provides rich lifecycle management, configuration and control and a security service which can also be made available with on-premise deployment options. All of these facilitate the fast deployment of unified wired or wireless networks by ISPs and MSPs. “cnMatrix Enterprise Switches are ideal for enterprise customers and service provider networks,” continues Ducray, “as well as for the emerging market of managed services. We have also seen it becoming increasingly popular amongst medium and smaller enterprises that hire an MSP to manage their networks.

“If we consider the example of an MSP with three restaurants and two retailers, this multi-tenant solution enables the MSP to connect these separate enterprises with the same infrastructure, just divided into separate networks. The MSP can oversee these five networks holistically yet each business will only be able to view their network.”

Complete your network with Cambium’s cnMaestro. This intelligent cloud-managed enterprise solution delivers a set of capabilities that support wireless aware switching, one of which is policy-based automation. cnMaestro also has zero-touch provisionings that enable the setting of a network-wide policy by defining a policy for each port that is automatically applied based upon the type of device that is connected to the switch port. This significantly reduces set-up time and management, helps to eliminate expensive manual configuration errors and makes the network more secure. Swift troubleshooting is possible when an operator can shift between a broader view of the network and then identify and zoom into the source of the problem and leveraging evolving technologies like AI and machine learning can only improve this process. cnMaestro’s ability to manage policies and apply differential treatment for different traffic types enhances the quality of service. All of these together underline the value of having an end-to-end management solution.

”The customer feedback we are getting is more than positive about the complete Cambium Networks portfolio, its unique capabilities and affordability without compromising on quality,” concludes Ducray.

Written by Rebecca Haynes

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Sourced from: MiRO. View the original article here.

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