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In recent years, organizations have been thrust into remote and hybrid work scenarios. Companies of virtually every size were forced to adopt new delivery models for how its employees communicate and collaborate over daily tasks, even when not commuting to a physical workplace. Today’s companies are always looking for new ways to make operations more productive and profitable in spite of geographic disparity.

Traditionally, the day-to-day management of remote staff activity has been problematic, with factors such as workplace efficiency and cost-effectiveness limiting just how far the company could go.

The good news? Even the technologically inexperienced can benefit from – and even thrive in – a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) environment.

Let Us Be Your UCaaS Guide

Whether you’re already familiar with UCaaS or just starting to learn about this mission-critical technology, it always helps to have a guide. Start at the beginning with the core purpose of UCaaS, and then see how finding the right platform and provider can make all the difference for your business.

UCaaS delivery models provide comprehensive access to communications and collaboration services on an on-demand basis. Tools such as chats, video conferences, productivity apps, and IP phone options are presented “as a service” through a consolidated, cloud-based platform that is accessible over virtually any device.

At the basic level, deployments streamline access to those and other features without passing along common headaches such as hardware and software installations, maintenance, staged updates, and migrations that tend to plague even the most experienced users. These technical needs are managed by your UCaaS provider.

For just a simple subscription, the UCaaS service provider handles all aspects for the organization, allowing it to focus exclusively on work and productivity. Nightmares such as communication lags, cooperative barriers, and document security become a thing of the past!

UCaaS Features

Traditionally, UCaaS deployments include these features:

  • Voice Calling: From phones, VoIP softphones, and mobile devices
  • Conferencing: Real-time video, audio, and web-based including in-browser video calls from any device without downloading extra software
  • Messaging: Via email, with voicemail, chat, and SMS-integrated contact centers and customer call management
  • Collaboration: Through shared desktop apps and workspaces integrated into your communications system, plus the option to customize with third-party applications

UCaaS Benefits

UCaaS offerings have numerous benefits to organizational operations, including options for:

  • Working from Anywhere: Remote and hybrid employees can interact in real time, regardless of geographic barriers or the device they’re using
  • Business Continuity: Cloud infrastructure is securely housed off-site – and often with geo-redundancy – to promote business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Scalability: App maintenance and updates are organized and pushed automatically via the cloud, while purchased capacity can be expanded by adding to the subscription
  • Productivity: Promoted with increases to speed and efficiency in communications and document sharing
  • Customer Service: Features contact center elements to monitor call data and improve CRM
  • Cost: Eliminates hardware and software requirements, reducing IT spending
  • Data-Driven Analytics: Leverages cloud-based insight to monitor employee work and correspondences

UCaaS As A Business Advantage

At a basic level, UCaaS streamlines cloud-native dialogue to bolster efficiency and minimize concern and cost. Elements such as support for voice and VoIP, presence, SMS and MMS, analytics and cross-device alerts promote more effectiveness in both areas.

In today’s corporate landscape, more and more employers are utilizing the remote and hybrid work experience, not just for the staff member, but for the executive as well. Allowing workers to access communications and collaboration software from their location of choice, rather than within a dedicated physical office or cubicle, is becoming a more commonly accepted norm. It may even be argued that this is the new standard for businesses to follow.

For that reason, access to top-notch communications and work-share tools is an absolute necessity. With UCaaS, one gains quick and easy access to applications to bolster productivity, free worker availability, secure critical infrastructure, maintain assets, and decrease overhead cost.

Contact our team today to discuss these and other benefits that UCaaS can offer to you! We will be your UCaaS Guide to choosing the right system for your needs!

Sourced from: Sangoma. View the original article here.

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