Yealink Announces Its Windows and BYOD Solutions for RingCentral

Xiamen, China – March 30, 2022 – Yealink (Stock Code: 300628), a leading global unified communications (UC) solution provider, has announced its Windows and BYOD solutions from small to large rooms for RingCentral.


RingCentral Rooms System features the native RingCentral Rooms-tailored user interface that is easy to be operated with the close-to-zero learning curve, and you can join the meeting room and start your scheduled RingCentral Rooms meeting with one-touch.



RVC400- RingCentral Rooms System for Small Meeting Room
Only including a high-performance MCore, a touch panel CTP18, and a USB video bar UVC40, RVC400 is the optimum choice for small meeting rooms with easy deployment. Together with 8 MEMS microphone arrays and 133 ° field of view, its AI technologies, including auto framing and speaker tracking and so on, provide users with a high-quality call experience in full-duplex mode.
RVC840- RingCentral Rooms System for Medium to Large Meeting Room
Yealink UVC84 camera allows for the auto-framing of all participants present at a meeting. UVC84 supports 4k video output and is equipped with a 12x optical zoom lens that conducts business to capture everyone in the meeting room clearly. As for the audio, the VCM34 array microphone supports a 20ft/360° voice pickup range and works with Yealink Soundbar together to guarantee you a high-quality audio solution. Also, Yealink Noise Proof technology effectively eliminates background distractions and noises that you can enjoy a crystal-clear voice even in a noisy environment.

Key Features and Benefits

Native RingCentral Rooms-Tailored User Interface, Smooth Conference Experience
Native RingCentral Rooms-tailored user interface offers a one-touch meeting join. Designed with the idea of multi-function all-in-one, the CTP18 touch panel allows you easily perform call control, camera control, and other functions.

Smart Video Conferencing with AI Technology

Featuring AI technology, including Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, UVC40/UVC84 not only supports framing the groups automatically according to the number and the position of the participants, but also automatically zoom in the speaker without adjusting the camera, making the participants more focused on the conference.

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

With the VCH port, MCore is specially designed for the video meeting rooms that the deployment can be easily extended. At the same time, its all-in-one design with the feature of cable management ensures the stability of the wired connection, and the most appropriate deployment can be achieved according to the layout of the meeting room. The CTP18 touch panel requires one PoE to connect to the network and supply power. There is no need for an extension cable between the MCore mini-PC TV area and the CTP18 touch panel, which simplifies deployment and effectively reduces deployment costs.


Bring your own device, or BYOD, is the evolving trend of employees using their personal devices for work purposes. Just with one USB cable connect to the laptop, the users can enjoy the high-definition visual and audio experience of Yealink BYOD Kits.


All in One USB Video Bar for Small and Huddle Room-UVC40-BYOD
20 MP camera with SONY 1-inch CMOS brings UHD 4K video conference with delicate details. With a super-wide 133° field of view, everyone in the conference can be seen without adjusting the camera. Moreover, the image brightness can be automatically optimized even in a dim or backlight environment, ensuring the participants faces can be seen clearly.

Yealink UVC84-BYOD Meeting Kits for Medium and Large Rooms
UVC84 camera delivers 4K video output with excellent sharpness and smoothness, accurately reproducing every detail, color and therefore awarding you a vivid video experience. UVC84 camera integrates the audio feature in it as well. Perfectly working with the UVC84 camera, VCM34 array microphone combined with MSpeaker II soundbar is capable of providing a wonderful audio experience.

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Sourced from: Yealink. View the original article here.

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