Winning with Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Cupboard to Cloud proposition

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The cloud is where it’s at, quite literally. Everything from getting medical advice and booking a taxi through to ordering from your favorite restaurant can all be done online thanks to cloud-based services.

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that your customers, the same consumers who do all of the above and more online, are looking for the same levels of convenience and mobility from the business applications they consume. Your ability to deliver a communications solution that works within the environment they operate in today and grow with them into the future will determine your success.

To be really customer-focused, we need to be able to go against the flow. If you look at any online article or industry publication, you will see that everybody has jumped on the cloud bandwagon, there are many ‘experts’ telling us that the days of on-premise PBXs are numbered, some even go as far as saying that investing in on-premise technology is dead money. Yes, on-premise is on the decline, but it’s far from dead, and that, puts you in a unique position if you’re an Ericsson-LG Enterprise reseller.

IHS Markit noted in its recent report that a reduction in on-premise PBX licenses drove the global market to decrease by 8% in 2017 from 2016, to $5.7 billion. What many fail to see that despite the decline, the industry is still worth billions and if you are to capitalize on these trends, you must be able to sell a solution that grows with your customers and helps them transition to the cloud at their own pace.

Unified communications, future-proofing and a host of other buzzwords and phrases are regularly thrown around, but the truth is, today’s customers are savvier – they are demanding more flexibility and functionality from their communications infrastructure than ever. The good news? Ericsson-LG Enterprise has got you covered. You are uniquely positioned in the market because you can:

a) Sell an on-premise solution now, and when your customer is ready, retain the handsets and some of the hardware for resilience and move them through to the iPECS Cloud.

b) Sell iPECS cloud today and your customer is set for the next 5 years and beyond.

Your advantage lies in the fact that while Ericsson-LG Enterprise forges ahead with their cloud offering, continued investment in R&D goes into on-premise technology as there is still a genuine demand in the market-place. A great example of this would be their latest output, the new iPECS eMG100, a completely redesigned PBX that is expected in early 2020. While there has been a lot of great news this year, the next 12-18 months will see Ericsson-LG Enterprise helping their partners reach greater heights.

In a nutshell, there are many competitors with good solutions, but often, customers have to choose from either cloud or on-premise solutions, not both. By pushing what they’ve currently got on offer, most competitors overlook the actual needs of their customers.

With Ericsson-LG Enterprise you have the flexibility to sell a solution that works for your customers. Our approach is to sell solutions, not just technology. If on-premise is right for your customer, sell UCP, if Cloud is the right move, then sell iPECS Cloud. The important factor here is that with either technology, Pragma ensures your customers are set for the future.

We have a complete portfolio of solutions, packed with features and functionality, and a strong product roadmap well into 2020, all to ensure that you can stay ahead, differentiate and deliver the solutions your customers need.

Find out more about strong iPECS product portfolio here.

Sourced from: Ericsson-LG Blog. View the original article here.

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