Why Dedicated Fibre is Better than Shared Fibre

Running a business today is impossible without a steady, reliable and fast internet connection. This is because the world has developed in the past few decades to become a digitally-ruled world where businesses, homes and individuals can barely function without an internet connection. As such, millions of businesses have come into existence simply to supply the growing digital world with internet solutions like fibre packages. Internet service providers are always looking to be the most innovative and offer the most variety when it comes to their services. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in a fibre connection for your business, you should consider these different options, like dedicated fibre versus shared fibre, in order to get the right package suited for your business. 

Dedicated Fibre vs Shared Fibre

If you are considering a business fibre package, you should know about dedicated and shared fibre. Dedicated fibre is when fibre is directly connected to your office location, with dedicated bandwidth just for your business, instead of sharing your connection with other businesses around you. This kind of connection ensures that the connection speed that you signed up for, is what you receive. Shared fibre is an internet connection that is shared with neighbouring businesses by splitting and dispersing the connection. This means that your connection may degrade during peak times due to the bandwidth being shared.

Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical

Dedicated fibre is symmetrical, meaning that the connection’s upload and download speeds are exactly the same. Symmetrical connections are especially important to businesses that make use of cloud-based services to back up and store important data and files, and businesses that make use of regular video conference calls. Shared fibre connections are usually asymmetrical, meaning that your download and upload speeds will not be the same. Your upload speed is generally slower, and this could mean that your connection could be slower.

Static IP vs Dynamic IP

Static IP’s are very secure and reliable and are suitable for businesses who require the infrastructure to have their own mail and host servers. Dynamic IPs move and change without notice, and therefore they can beunreliable.

Hour Mean Time vs No Mean Time

With a dedicated fibre connection, you shouldn’t experience any service issues, but when this happens, you will receive assistance within hours. With shared fibre lines, repairs can take a lot longer – even weeks..

Quality of Service vs No Quality of Service

A dedicated fibre connection prioritises mission-critical data through quality and class of service and ensures crystal clear voice and video connections. Shared fibre connections can not prioritise data, and video and voice calls is subject to latency and jitter.

Private Connection vs Public Connection

With private connections, data is sent over a secure connection ensuring the private transfer of important information between multiple business offices, offsite backup locations and to various cloud applications. With public connections, data is sent over a less secure, public connection making it more susceptible to attackers and latency.

Service Level Agreements

Dedicated fibre connections usually come with a service level agreement that guarantees you receive the best quality service as per your agreement. Shared fibre connections are pooled amongst neighbours, so these connections cannot come with a service level agreement and therefore, downtime and connection issues are dealt with on a ‘best effort’ basis. 

If you want your business to succeed in an ever growing and expanding business world, you need to ensure that you get the best business tools, partners, suppliers and solutions on board, and a dedicated fibre line is one of the best solutions you can get for your business.

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