Sangoma: Why Businesses Still Use Desk Phones Over Softphones

There is a long ongoing debate over the advantages of using deskphones with VoIP phone systems. As with most technology debates, there are pros and cons on both sides. Companies choose VoIP to reduce their overall phone bills, upgrade their communication features, and enhance client communication. While the practical functionality of both deskphones and softphones are similar and maybe even identical in some cases, there are a few differences (beyond the obvious!) that differentiate them from one another.

The question is: which of the two is better?

It’s really more a question of which is better for your use case, because it depends on the needs and expectations of the user. 

For instance, a business user is used to a phone on the desk.  It’s there and easy to use. There is no training required since it behaves like the “old” phone. It’s incredibly easy to use, especially for those already familiar with traditional phone systems. Tech-savvy users will find softphones easy, but there is usually some onboarding or training involved.

Additionally, with a good deskphone, especially with executive models, you get a whole array of features that enable you to personalise your phone, create shortcuts, and increase your efficiency. Generally, softphones have far fewer additional features. Group meetings over the phone are everyday occurrences in the majority of small offices, and you always want these to run as smoothly as possible. Most desk-phones are built to support these types of engagements, where multiple people are gathered around the same desk. Softphones, on the other hand, can sometimes make this task quite difficult for inexperienced users.

Another good reason for investing in deskphones is its dependability. It’s always there and ready to go. As long as your internet is working, you won’t run into many issues. Softphones, in contrast, rely on your device for operation. If your PC won’t turn on, has a virus, or is just performing badly, then receiving and making calls becomes impossible. Keeping your phone separate from your PC by using a deskphone represents a safer option. For any call you need to make, it’s there, and it’s ready.

Plus, call quality is often much better on a deskphone. With HD audio available on both IP deskphones and IP headsets, overall sound quality often depends on price. But if you are comparing just a basic headset versus a basic deskphone, the sound quality offered by the deskphone is the clear winner.

The most important thing to remember: deskphones aren’t going anywhere – at least not yet.

With Sangoma, you can take advantage of Unified Communications (UC) with deskphone and softphone options designed for our UC platforms. Enjoy easy communications anywhere, anytime with Sangoma UC systems. 

Happy Calling with Sangoma IP phones!

Sourced from: Sangoma. View the original article here.

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