Walkie Talkie app in Teams on Zebra devices and Reflexis Shifts Connector for Teams now available

Walkie Talkie app in Teams on Zebra mobile devices – General Availability

We are excited to announce the general availability of Walkie Talkie app in Teams on a wide range of Zebra mobile devices: TC5x, TC7x, TC2x, EC30, EC50, EC55, MC3300, and MC9300. Zebra mobile devices support broad industry needs from the rugged take-it anywhere TC-series to the lightweight, sleek customer-facing EC-series, to the MC-series, the ultimate scanning device. With this partnership, Frontline workers can seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and stay productive in any conditions with rugged Zebra devices.

Walkie Talkie is the digital push-to-talk solution in Teams that enables clear, instant, and secure voice communication over the cloud. Unlike analog devices, frontline workers no longer have to worry about frequency static, crosstalk, or eavesdropping from outsiders. Given Walkie Talkie works over Wi-Fi or cellular data, it can be used across geographic locations to connect workers from anywhere.

Built for anywhere TC series: TC5X, TC7X, TC2X

  • Rugged and versatile devices for the harshest working conditions and environments
  • Best-in-class scanning options and performance
  • Removable battery to support multiple shifts and shared devices

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Lightweight EC series: EC30, EC50, EC55

  • Slim and lightweight form factor
  • Designed to be carried all the time with a smartphone-like or wearable experience
  • Ideal as an individually assigned personal device and customer-facing applications

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Scanning MC series: MC3300 and MC9300

  • Maximum scanning and performance
  • MC3300: proven lightweight formfactor with enhanced rugged specifications for rugged environments
  • MC9300: ultimate ultra-rugged form factor, purpose-built options for hazardous environments, freezer, and direct-part-marks

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Learn more about Walkie Talkie here and get started with the solution here.

Reflexis Shifts connector for Microsoft Teams – General Availability

We are also announcing general availability of the Reflexis Shifts connector for Teams. A Zebra managed solution, this new connector extends the value of Reflexis Workforce Scheduler (RWS) to create a seamless, real-time sync for the viewing of shifts, assigning shifts, managing shift requests, and more, from within Teams on any device.

Frontline workers who need access to shift information and who use Teams and RWS now have all shift details in the palm of their hand, in addition to the powerful collaboration and meeting capabilities that Teams provides. Frontline managers benefit because of the greater autonomy afforded frontline workers, along with the ability to create and manage new shifts, open shift requests, time-off requests, and view individual or team schedules, directly from Teams. Using the shifts connector, frontline managers will continue to use RWS as their source of record, which provides targeted and flexible scheduling management.

Learn more about the Reflexis Shifts connector for Teams.

Sourced from: Microsoft Teams Blog. View the original article here.

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