VoIP – Everything You Need To Know In 2019

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Latency is crucial to good voice quality, but is vulnerable to ‘jitter’, a term that refers to variability in latency. A ‘jitter buffer’ ensures that a phone call does not break up if there are delays to the data transmission process. The buffer temporarily stores the data packets that have been received and transmits them without any variability in latency, or with only minimal variability.

Conversion to IP telephony

The transition from conventional ISDN telephony to VoIP is uncomplicated and requires an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth and a suitable device. In most cases, however, it is not necessary to purchase new hardware. You can normally use your PC, laptop or smartphone to make phone calls via VoIP.

For a PC, you will need a broadband connection and suitable softphone. Your computer should also be equipped with a microphone and speaker and a headset will give you added convenience. When using an IP phone, you connect it to a free LAN port on your router and connect it to the Internet.

Your smartphone can also use mobile VoIP since some devices already come with a pre-installed client for IP telephony. You can enable this by going to “Call Settings” -> “Internet Call Settings” -> “Internet Calling (SIP) Accounts”. You can download a suitable app (SIP softphone) from the App Store or Google Play Store. You will need a stable WiFi connection or at least a 3G connection to attain voice quality via mobile VoIP.

What businesses need to know when converting hardware

Businesses should ensure that communication is permanently available when converting to VoIP. Businesses will usually not need any new end-devices and can easily convert by using a SIP telecom system connection or the services of a cloud telephone system. If an ISDN system is Internet-ready, it is simply connected to the IP network via the SIP telecom system connection.

VoIP – the future of telephony

With the world heading towards more technological advancements, VoIP technology is a serious challenge to the traditional telecom service providers. VoIP helps to reduce the cost of putting up several phone lines. It offers several advantages including; clear sound, faster Internet because larger amounts of data can be transmitted while opening up greater bandwidth, and it optimises communication among all employees.

Is my data safe?

There is always the risk of voice phishing, and attacks from other computer programs can never be completely ruled out. This means data may be captured and converted into audio files as part of an Internet scam (voice phishing). However, you can take security precautions and VoIP can mitigate security threats by leveraging the advancements made in IP technology including encryption and improved identity management.

VoIP Services for Businesses

VoIP allows video conferencing, file sharing or instant messaging to improve collaboration with employees and clients. Called Unified Communications, VoIP for businesses include the following:

  • Phone calls
  • Faxes
  • Voicemail
  • Email
  • Web conferences and more

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