Sangoma: Voice Remains Important For Your Business

I’ve seen a few recent articles, and actually have had a few conversations lately about “voice”, basically about how voice remains important for your business, or how voice is making a comeback in business. Since we’ve all been on so many video calls the past two years, much ink has been used writing about video in the workplace. And rightly so given the huge impact video has been to the knowledge worker, and will continue to be, going forward. I mean video calls, and sharing screens, and collaborating remotely is here to stay.

But anyway, recently, not so much ink dedicated to voice. Because it’s there, it’s boring, it works, we all know about it, etc.

I’ve always advocated about the importance of voice for your business. Customers and prospects call you. You give out phone numbers on business cards. You put phone numbers on your website for people to contact your business. It is still the preferred communication mechanism for customers when they need real time interaction.

Since many of us are very focused in a typical workday either internally or with close partners and contacts, many people seem to think the world revolves around video. And for internal type meetings, it sure does now. For instance all of our internal meetings are conducted on Sangoma Meet now. And I’m sure Sangoma is no different from other companies in that regard.

However, with our customer base, phone calls are still important. And if you are operating a small business, your telephone number if your lifeblood. So what’s with these new articles about “voice”? Part of it is what I explained above – just the reality of running a business needs phone numbers and voice, and can’t be done solely on video meeting platforms. And analysts and journalists are seeing this, so they’re writing about it.

Next week I will write more about where voice is going in the business.

Sourced from: Sangoma. View the original article here.

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