Top Ways to Boost Teacher-Parent Communications with UC

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Teachers are already successful communicators, but there’s only so much time in a day. Adding additional resources to the school classroom can help educators maintain positive connections with parents – and your school phone system is the best place to look.

As they start a new semester, teachers are likely to find their email and voicemail inboxes filled with messages from parents asking about assignments, grades, or upcoming events. This is undoubtedly overwhelming, but Unified Communications (UC) makes it easy for teachers to balance their daily duties with the needs of parents.

UC solutions offer a myriad of features that can help teachers, administrators, and staff keep students safe, parents informed, and the school day running smoothly. And with Switchvox’s All Features Included pricing models, schools can stay within strict budgets and ensure teachers have top-notch communications capabilities.

Here are the top 3 ways that teachers can boost communications with parents using UC:


Teachers are often receiving calls and communication from parents throughout the day. And answering the phone in the middle of a lesson isn’t necessarily an option. This leaves educators will a full voicemail inbox, creating the potential for buried or lost messages. 

With voicemail-to-email capabilities, parents can leave a voicemail which will be recorded and delivered to a teacher’s email inbox. Teachers can listen to the voicemail via the email message, sort them as needed, or mark the email for quick reference – allowing for easier organization and a clear voicemail!

Softphone Options

Giving out personal phone numbers is usually a recipe for disaster, and it can be stressful for many teachers who want to be available to parents. Switchvox offers desktop and mobile softphone applications that allow teachers to make or receive calls when necessary using their work extensions on their computers and personal phones.

Office extensions can be listed on the school website directory, added to syllabus documents, or used in email signatures. This also helps keep staff from fielding calls for teachers, so they can focus on better aiding the students and visitors in the front office.

Call Forwarding

Teachers aren’t always confined to their classrooms – and, like it or not, their work often has a tendency to follow them home. So, advanced call rules are a must-have when teachers are on lunch duty, running to the front office, or grading papers away from their desk.

With call forwarding, teachers can have their calls sent to another extension or softphone after a certain number of rings, keeping them in contact with parents and colleagues throughout the busy school day and beyond when necessary.

Sangoma’s award-winning Switchvox UC solution offers the advanced phone system features that school staff, teachers, and administrators need – all for one affordable price. For case studies, white papers, and other resources on the Switchvox phone system for schools, check out our education industry page.

Or, if you’d like to see Switchvox in action, visit our demo center.

Sourced from: Sangoma.
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