Sangoma: The Positive Benefits of a User-First, not Cloud-First or Prem-First, UC Portfolio

Sangoma has many unique positions. A lot of companies can say that. A lot of companies do say that. Sometimes unique positions are things that most people will agree on:

Walt Disney World is unique, a family vacation experience unlike no other, because no other company operates a theme park and resort complex at anything approaching its scale or scope.

Sometimes unique positions really aren’t all that unique:

Popeyes Chicken’s new chicken sandwich is unique, and completely unlike the one you’d get from Chick-fil-a, or McDonald’s, or Wendy’s, because it’s got a *brioche* bun. ?

Sangoma is unique because it delivers a broad array of hardware products. Most other companies can’t sell you a headset, a desk phone, a wireless phone, a small business communications gateway, and a carrier-class gateway.

Sangoma is also unique because it offers a broad array of software products. Most other companies can’t offer you an open source telephony toolkit for constructing your own applications (Asterisk), a free-to-use PBX platform (FreePBX), a commercial UC software solution (Switchvox and PBXact), a retail SIP platform (SIPStation Retail), a wholesale SIP platform (SIPStation Wholesale) and a communications API (also SIPStation Wholesale).

And, Sangoma is unique because it offers a user-first, not cloud-first or prem-first, UC portfolio.

How so?

Sangoma delivers two different UC offerings: Switchvox and PBXact. We provide both solutions to customers as cloud solutions, hosted directly by Sangoma. For a lot of users, this is the best option for their business. Sangoma handles the hosting, rents the desk phones, the mobile clients, the desktop computer clients, the software updates, the PSTN connectivity, and can assist with amendments. The customer gets a monthly bill; they’ve outsourced the rest.

For another set of users, this isn’t the best option for their business.  They want to do their own hosting (private cloud or premises-based hardware), own their desk phone, do software updates on their own scheduling, provide their own PSTN connectivity (sometimes it’s Sangoma’s SIPStation Retail or Wholesale), and make all of their own changes. The customer pays upfront; they’ve insourced their UC.

At Sangoma, we’re unique because the software for both customers is the same software. If a self-hosted customer wants to turn over the reins to Sangoma, we’re happy to help. If a Sangoma cloud customer wants to self-host, we’re ready for that, too, without a loss or change in functionality. We fully support both users by thinking and operating user-first.

Sourced from: Sangoma. View the original article here.

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