The Next Evolution of the Aspect Via Platform


Most cloud contact center software forces its users into a box, requiring business leaders to redesign processes and shift people around a standardized solution. For enterprise-scale contact centers, a “cookie-cutter” approach to implementing infrastructure and software isn’t enough. Aspect believes organizations deserve unparalleled choice and flexibility, and we strive to build contact center solutions that fit the specific needs of each individual customer. That’s why we built the Aspect Via® Platform, a world-class, fully-featured enterprise cloud contact center solution that scales to meet the needs of large organizations and delivers proven, best-of-breed contact management and workforce optimization capabilities to help companies deliver on their CX strategies and build lifetime customer loyalty.

The Aspect Via Platform is the most extensible enterprise cloud contact center platform in the market, allowing businesses to adopt contact management and workforce optimization applications modularly, so they can add capabilities at their own pace, with common administration, reporting and a persona-based UX across all applications. Customers can select the cloud services provider of their choice and deploy in a multitenant or single-tenant environment. Additionally, the Aspect Via Enterprise Cloud Contact Center platform is designed for high availability and business continuity; backed by an industry-leading 99.999% uptime service level agreement (SLA).

Aspect delivers the premier outbound contact management solutions in the market, and the Aspect Via 20 release builds upon our history of delivering innovative new features to support advanced proactive outreach strategies. Aspect Via offers all of the outbound campaign management, list management and compliance tools enterprise contact centers need to comply with national, regional, and local regulations while increasing outreach efficiency and right-party contacts. The version 20 release also includes new capabilities that allow large organizations to coordinate outreach activities across the contact center as well as other business units, allowing enterprises to centrally manage outreach activities across the organization and across all Aspect and 3rd party systems.

In light of the global pandemic, organizations increasingly need contact center software that empowers the mobile workforce. The Aspect Via 20 release accelerates the speed with which requests for schedule changes, shift bids and schedule trades can be automatically approved, including intra-day schedule changes. Version 20 also introduces a fully redesigned mobile UI that is similar to the desktop Workforce Management UX, so wherever agents are physically located, they can perform key scheduling functions in a visually familiar environment.

As the Aspect Via Platform continues to evolve, we are committed to helping enterprise-class contact centers deliver on their business strategies and drive lifetime customer loyalty. The Aspect Via 20 release is an exciting new chapter in helping organizations connect with their customers proactively while empowering their contact center staff.

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Sourced from: Aspect Blog. View the original article here.

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