Tellumat exits Telecoms with Sale of TIS lines of business

Tellumat, the vastly experienced technology group serving the defence, security, ICT, transport, energy and telecoms sectors, has announced the sale of several Tellumat Integrated Solutions (TIS) lines of business to CK Solutions. This company is led by Mbusi Sibisi as CEO in South Africa, and Dumisa Manana as CEO for the rest of Africa.

Tellumat has transferred TIS Managed Services, Mechanical Products and Kitting, to Andrew’s Kit (Pty) Ltd., trading as CK Solutions, says Tellumat CEO Andrew Connold.

  • Managed Services is involved in the identification of suitable sites for GSM high-site installations; the establishment of leases with landowners/municipalities; and the provision, reticulation, management and separate metering of telco operators’ electricity consumption on shared sites.
  • Mechanical Products offers low-profile GSM solutions and a range of low-, medium-, high- and ultra-high-security equipment cabinets for telco equipment, as well as a low energy, passive cooling solution for these cabinets.
  • Kitting provides kits of parts used in preventative maintenance (such as waterproofing of shelters etc.) and GSM infrastructure upgrades.

The product line-up in the lines of business sold to CK Solutions include iconic units like the CK 100 base station power manager and others, described below.

Power management

“The CK100 is designed to prevent nuisance tripping of the main circuit breaker on electrically shared sites by start-up staggering and load rotation,” says Mbusi Sibisi, Director, CK Solutions. “After a power failure, there is normally a high starting current and demand by backup batteries needing to recharge. If the supply is insufficient to cater for the current demand, the circuit breaker will trip. The CK100 manages this problem by systematically connecting the power in rotation to the parties connected to the system.”

When electricity supply is connected, the CK 100 will monitor consumption by each party during operation. “Should there be a sudden current spike due to the simultaneous starting of some equipment of one or more of the connected parties, the system will rotate the connected parties, while those unconnected use backup battery power, to manage this demand,” says Sibisi.

Telco security cabinets

As regards security enclosures, Sibisi says the TIS Modular Cabinet is a versatile outdoor shelter purpose-built for housing electronic and communications equipment. It provides a secure, weather-proof environment requiring minimum maintenance whilst affording environmental and mechanical protection to the internal equipment.

“The Cabinet Range includes a number of standard modules that can be arranged in different configurations to cater for various user requirements – from small 19-inch rack enclosures to larger cabinets housing several Base Transceiver Station (BTS) units, as well as backup power and auxiliary equipment. A variety of cooling options are also available.”

Environmental monitoring

TIS’s environmental controller, the TK1 Controller, is specifically designed for low-energy and cost effective cooling of base station sites with high-load density.

“The controller monitors conditions inside and outside the shelter, and automatically controls on-site air-conditioners and free-cooling to optimise energy consumption while keeping the internal environment within strict operating parameters,” says Sibisi.

“It has been deployed in the field on thousands of sites and has been reducing site owners’ operational costs for many years.”

Low-profile GSM base stations

Lastly, TIS’s Low Profile Solution (LPS) is a visually appealing, small-form-factor, pre-fabricated tower and equipment shelter that can be rolled out rapidly to provide increased wireless capacity between larger traditional base stations, either as a signal coverage gap filler, or network capacity enhancer in high usage areas.

“This solution comprises a pre-cast concrete plinth, a mono-pole with antenna heights ranging from 9m to 28m high, and a modular cabinet housing the power and RF equipment,” says Sibisi. Network back-haul connectivity is provided via fibre optic or microwave links.

 Well positioned

Citing shareholder restructuring of their investment portfolio focus as the reason for exiting the telecoms industry, Connold says TIS’s customers will be well served by CK Solutions – an established company with a long history of supplying local telecommunications networks and service companies with a variety of essential products.

CK Solutions is 100% black-owned, located in new premises in Midrand and resourced with skilled employees with many years of experience in the telecoms industry.

About Tellumat
As leaders in electronic technology serving the telecommunications, defence & security, transport and energy industries in South Africa and global markets, Tellumat solves problems in a way that combines more than 50 years of technological innovation and expertise with new ways of doing business. At Tellumat we anticipate trends, identify opportunities and create sustainable business value. Lasting partnerships with customers and global technology partners are testimony to this.
Tellumat is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.

About CK Solutions

CK Solutions is an infrastructure design, implementation and component supply business, offering products and services to the communications, power and rail industries with customers including Telkom, MTN, Vodacom, Cell-C, Huawei, ZTE, Eskom and Transnet. CK Solutions serves as a leading Telecommunications contractor in South Africa, with a national footprint.
CK Solutions is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

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