Sending SMS on Vodia User Portal with Bandwith V.1 Messaging

Send and receive text messages globally with V.1 Bandwith API is now possible on the Vodia PBX user portal 

To get started you’ll need to set up a Bandwith account for messaging.  You will need to ask for SMS messaging on V1 in order for SMS to work on the Vodia user portal 

Follow these steps to set up your Bandwith Application note: the URL for the bandwidth messaging should be

Purchase a Bandwith Number


Create a Bandwith Application 

  • Name Your application
  • Add your Messaging callback URL example http://yourpbx/recvsms
  • Create 


Assign a number to your application

  • Click your new application
  • Under associated number click on the + button to assign your new number


Bandwith Account info

Vodia PBX will need to know the following information in order to get the SMS to work properly. 

  • User ID
  • API Token
  • API Secret

In order to get this information from you Bandwith Account, you will need to click on Account

user name?

Copy your “User ID” you will need later. 

  • Click on API Token and create a new one. 

Save your API Token and API Secret, you will need this for the Vodia PBX. 


Vodia Messaging 

Navigate to your Admin — Messaging and Notification 

Under Text Messaging

  • Choose Bandwith as the provider
  • Your user name is the are 24 character example u-7cwb3f7ac63anacpkiabbby
  • Next to the username, you will need to append the API token Example

Important!! Username must be in this format: u-7cwb3f7ac63anacpkiabbby/t-ewocv35q3dv7onafxfmqmjq

Password: Is your API secret

Save your configuration


User portal and SMS

Make sure you’re running the lastest Vodia PBX here’s a link to the latest build

Login into your user portal and type in a cell phone number under the home screen and click the message icon. 


You will be presented with the chat window. Type in your SMS message and press the enter on your keyboard. 



Tune in for our next Blog on Incoming SMS on the Vodia PBX.

Source: Vodia
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