BitCo: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Business Fibre

The way businesses use the internet has an impact on the environment. While business fibre has a number of benefits, one of which is reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s take a look at how this is possible and why it matters to and for your business.

Concerns over climate change are widespread around the world. Ensuring your carbon footprint is as low as possible helps to make a positive contribution to the world we live in, and in effect solidifies your brand’s commitment to bettering society.

Using the internet involves the consumption of energy and while this may be in small amounts, businesses often have higher energy requirements that all play a role in the bigger scheme of things. The internet produces Co2 by using physical servers and centres that are connected by energy. This energy is derived from various sources that emit CO2 in the process. To put this into perspective, consider this: over 300 billion emails are exchanged daily, with 4 grams of CO2 produced per email.

Going green

One of the ways a business can reduce its carbon footprint is by using green web hosting. This ensures that renewable energy is used by the data centres your connection relies upon. With over 2 billion websites in existence, there is a lot of potential for a collective effort to affect real change.

That’s where business fibre comes in. Business fibre is an energy-efficient way to use the internet which is also faster, more reliable, and set up for the modern-day working world, as proven by a study by Europacable. See, it’s not only how we use the internet that affects energy consumption, but the type of internet connections used as well. By consuming less energy and reducing waste, it has a lessened impact on the environment. Here’s how:

A greener process

By opting for fibre, the demand for copper, the traditional material used in internet connections, drops. Copper mining can produce harmful byproducts, impact the ecological areas, and involve toxic chemical processes. Optic fibre connections are constructed with glass made from silicon dioxide, a common element that does not require the same level of damaging extraction processes.

A lasting solution

Fibre is also a longer-lasting solution since it is less affected by natural elements. With less repair work and downtime, it’s a win-win. Less fixing means less energy and resources required. Fibre also uses significantly less energy in comparison to copper by transmitting data using light instead of cables to transmit data. This also means that the networks can remain cool without the need for air conditioners which add to the energy requirements.

Successful businesses know that the key to winning is by managing their resources responsibly. By reducing your business’s carbon footprint, you’ll be contributing towards environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Let’s work together using better and greener solutions for both the environment and your bottom line. Our business fibre packages are a great choice for businesses that are environmentally conscious. Reach out to us at BitCo to get started.

Sourced from: BitCo. View the original article here.

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