Reasons Businesses Should Choose Cloud Backups

The digital age, also called the information age, started in the 1970s with the introduction of the personal computer succeeded by the development of technology enabling the transfer and storage of information digitally. One such development is cloud storage and backups as a model of computer data storage in which digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers (sometimes in multiple locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. However, digital data, distributed and stored on the Internet, is more susceptible to theft and loss. Often such information losses are devastating to companies to the extent that they can never recover. Consequently, organisations are realising the significance of keeping their mission-critical data backed up and saved at all times. When it comes to continuity and disaster recovery planning, cloud-based data backups are considered to be the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. The following paragraphs describe the essential reasons why cloud-based backup solutions are important for your business.

Reliability and data protection

In contrast to conventional onsite data backup, data backed up and stored in the cloud at remote locations, ensures its protection from different types of disasters like floods, fire and theft. Therefore, in case of such events, you can be assured of protection of your data. Cloud backup technology services require no hard drives, backup schedules, and complicated software which makes it very easy to get started. Backup software enables continuous data protection in the background and removes the pressure of fixed schedules for backups. The software scans the operating system for changes and backs up what is necessary and this makes subsequent backups faster because only the changed portions of a file will be uploaded.

Most advanced technology

With an increasingly competitive market, cloud service providers keep abreast of the latest developments and technological advancements. As a result, cloud-based data backup solutions are based on the most advanced technologies including data mirroring, and file syncing and versioning methods not used in traditional onsite data backup solutions.

Increased data security

The ideal cloud backup solution should support data encryption since encryption should take place before data is sent to the cloud. This is sometimes referred to as end-to-end encryption or local encryption. Thus, data is encrypted for transfer from one end to another which ensures increased data security. If data is copied to multiple locations, the encryption process will reduce its likelihood to be compromised. Your business may also fall under certain legislation that prohibits uploading files to a third-party, if their servers are outside of the operating country. The advantage of encryption lies in a user defined key, which cannot be tampered with or accessed by the backup company. Therefore, providers cannot read files uploaded to their servers, even if forced by the government or other agencies. Backup solutions should have additional security measures to ensure authenticated, authorised, and monitored access to your data to circumvent ransomware attacks.

Quick data recovery

Without a fast and reliable way of recovering and restoring data, a backup solution is rather meaningless. An advantage of a cloud backup service is the ability to recover past versions of a file. Browsing through the file history allows the retrieval of a previous version even with accidental file deletion or overwriting a file with the wrong data. Another advantage is a data recovery prioritisation option which involves backup solutions for bandwidth limitations that makes it slow to recover all data.

Mobile data accessibility

All data that is being backed up in the cloud is globally accessible from anywhere through the Internet. You can work on files while travelling. Additionally, most backup services have mobile appsthat allow users to recover files and work on files from any Internet connection. With increased mobility, sensitive data could get into the wrong hands. However, using remote data wipe on lost or stolen devices will remove all data on these devices so that it can’t be accessed by anyone outside of the company, but it will be safe in the cloud.

Highly scalable and cost-effectiveness

Cloud services offer tailored solutions according to your specific business needs. There are several different options with cloud data backup including pay-as-you-go, and monthly and annual price plans that make it a more scalable and cost-effective solution.

Cloud data access anytime anywhere

Cloud backup is a service in which the data and applications on a business’s servers are backed up and stored on a remote server. Through the Internet, data is accessible anywhere and anytime globally. This means that employees do not have to be physically present on a campus to be productive, but can work on files while travelling or from home.

Now is the time to explore backup solutions with trusted and experienced partners that innovates for the cloud era.

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