Public addressing is now a reality with this new solution!

Grandstream recently released it’s new GSC Series of SIP intercom solutions. This series includes the GSC3510, a SIP intercom speaker/microphone and the GSC3505, 1-way public address SIP speaker. This system allows offices, hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, educational institutions and more to build powerful voice intercom solutions that expand security and communication. Read below for deployment scenarios and key features that can be utilised across the different verticals.

Offices – improve office communication:

Safeguard and improve office communication by deploying Grandsteam’s 1-way public SIP address speaker (GSC3505) for important announcements. This speaker is ideal for large, multi-floor offices, the device can be paired with Grandstream’s desktop and cordless IP phones, as well as the GDS series of Facility Access products.

Hospitality  – enhanced communication for staff and guests:

GSC3505: In a hospitality environment such as a hotel, restaurant, casino, etc., you will want to ensure that it is equipped with a clear and concise intercom system to provide an enhanced communication system for both staff and guests. By eliminating expensive wiring costs, important announcements can be delivered faster and reliably thanks to the integrated dual-band 802.11 a/c/g/n Wi-Fi. This type of speaker can be used for both emergency and non-emergency announcements, background music and more. Additionally, this system can be paired with Grandstream’s desktop and cordless IP phones as well as the GDS series of Facility Access products allowing users to create a customised facility management solution.

Education – quick and reliable mass announcements:

By deploying a GSC3505 throughout any large public space, like a school environment, will allow for quick and reliable mass announcements. This type of solution could be deployed into hallways, cafeterias, and libraries, that to be utilised for period changes, emergencies, general announcements and more. Additionally, this 1-way SIP speaker is equipped with an HD acoustic chamber which can help eliminate echoes that often occur in school hallways and large classrooms.

The GSC3510 is Ideal for individual classrooms and main offices two-way communication. The GSC3510 includes 3 directional microphones with MMAD so a teacher can be standing anywhere within the classroom and can clearly be heard by the receiving end. Traditional intercom systems can become expensive due to the wiring of individual systems in each classroom, which makes this solution more affordable and reliable due to the integrated dual-band Wi-Fi.

Logistics – communicate hands-free:

GSC3505: In a logistics environment, being able to communicate hands-free is key. In large facilities it can be hard to deliver mass announcements relating to closing periods, incoming deliveries or emergencies, this device enables employees to continue their work without being hindered by a communication device such as a desktop phone. Grandstream’s 1-way public address SIP speaker is equipped with an acoustic chamber to eliminate echoes throughout any environment.

Hospitals – ideal for HD audio announcements:

Ideal for large medical facilities such as a hospital this SIP speaker (GSC3505) allows for crystal clear HD audio announcements. Deploy this audio communication system throughout the entire facility to ensure that any emergency announcement such as a lockdown, and incoming ER patients will broadcast without question.

This SIP speaker/microphone (GSC3510) would be ideal for individual patient rooms, or at a nursing facility for a reliable two-way communication system. Both patients and staff can use this solution to narrow response time and increase safety, especially when mobility is an issue. In this scenario utilizing the devices’ two-pin peripheral port can hook up to an emergency button that patients can hit to auto-dial nursing stations. Additionally, this could be paired with Grandstream’s GDS series of Facility Access Systems to communicate with incoming guests, patients, and employees outside of normal facility hours.

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