Ericsson-LG: Optimizing Communication with iPECS ONE

Communication is fundamental in business. Companies can succeed or fail according to how well they connect with customers, clients and colleagues. Across the world, inflation and supply chain issues present economic challenges to many sectors. At the same time, remote and hybrid working patterns are increasingly normalized and in demand.

Together, these factors mean that the need for appropriate communication technology is only growing. Organizations with the right technology will be more efficient and adaptable to the challenges ahead.

In this blog, we will explain how iPECS ONE, our cloud-based unified communications solution, can help to meet these needs and achieve the goal of optimizing communications.


Many organizations still operate on multiple separate communication channels. This means that phones, email, and videoconferencing are unconnected to each other. The trouble with this approach is that it slows teams down.

Having to switch between different systems is inefficient, and communication records are in separate locations. In addition, if team members are discussing business on personal devices and apps, this can create problems around compliance and transparency.

iPECS ONE resolves this with powerful unified communications (UC) functionality. With UC, all business communications channels are consolidated into a single platform. This means that email, voice and video calls, and instant messaging are available in one place.

This creates a digital workplace with significant efficiency benefits. All video and voice calls can be initiated from a single click, while user presence settings instantly tell users who is available. Since iPECS ONE is hosted on the cloud, it is accessible from anywhere, on any device. This ensures seamless workflow across multiple locations.  


Collaboration is increasingly valued by business leaders, and for good reason. Sharing projects means less reliance on individuals, as workloads are shared. Done well, it can maximize individual strengths and minimize weaknesses, resulting in better-quality work and more efficient methodologies.

However, it is impossible without the right tools. You need the right channels of communication, to keep everybody connected and ensure projects keep moving. This is especially true in the age of remote and hybrid work. If remote workers cannot access your full tech infrastructure, they cannot contribute and will feel excluded.

iPECS ONE makes remote collaboration easier than ever. Its UC features allow your team to communicate instantly by whichever method suits them. For longer meetings and presentations, videoconferencing with document-sharing will probably be best. For quick queries, they can choose instant messaging.

Thanks to WebRTC technology, users can access iPECS ONE through a web browser, with no installations required. Together, these tools allow rich collaboration experiences to your whole team, wherever they are based.


We have already discussed how UC increases efficiency by placing all communications channels into a single platform. This integrates communications, bringing significant benefits. But these can be enhanced even more by integrating your CRM with your communications platform.

This opens up even more features. If a customer calls, phone-CRM integration ensures that the call is logged and time-stamped automatically. You will also be able to view caller information before you answer, including any information you have logged about them on your CRM. Not only does this make you more efficient, but it also improves transparency and record-keeping.

iPECS ONE integrates with all major CRMs. In addition, its open architecture means that we can offer further integrations with more specialist CRMs and APIs. This ensures an even richer communication experience for iPECS ONE users.   


The days of 100% on-premises work are over. Worldwide, workers expect the option of hybrid or remote work. Offering these options will improve morale, which ultimately benefits productivity and employee retention. Remote work options will allow organizations to recruit more widely, as well as offering

iPECS ONE offers businesses maximum flexibility. Remote and hybrid work are made easy by rich UC features and integrations, accessible from anywhere. Since the solution is cloud-based, users can be added or removed with seamless ease.

Not only does this make your everyday work more efficient, but it also empowers business growth. With on-premises solutions, expansion can be slowed down. With iPECS ONE, new users and hunt groups can be created with a single click. If you have expansion plans, iPECS ONE is a solution that supports them.


Regardless of sector and size, every organization needs to be able to communicate efficiently. This means adapting to the new age of remote and hybrid working and facing challenges with confidence.

iPECS ONE supports and empowers this approach. Its UC functionality makes collaboration easy, while its use of WebRTC technology makes these features more accessible than ever. Thanks to its wealth of integration options, it can enhance efficiency in a huge range of sectors.

To find out more about iPECS ONE, speak to your nearest Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner.

Sourced from: Ericsson-LG Blog. View the original article here.

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