New capabilities for Teams Management | Ignite 2020

What an exciting set of Teams announcements today at Ignite! Here we’d like to discuss new Teams management capabilities and how these can help you craft a customized experience for your organization. These new capabilities are all part of the Teams Admin Center, the portal for you to manage your Teams related activities. We continue to innovate and deliver a broad set of management controls to help you address the unique needs of our business.

Introducing new capabilities, across all functional categories in the Teams Admin Center:



Policy bulk assignment

In policies, we added the new bulk assignment capability, that will make your operation much more efficient.

Policies are used in Teams to provide a custom experience, ensuring the experience that end-users receive conforms with the needs of the organization. Previously Teams admins would assign custom policies to users one by one or they had to write a PowerShell Script for bulk assignment operations. Now we are bringing both policy assignment to groups and bulk policies assignment to Teams admin center. This bulk assignment operates asynchronously, meaning you can apply policy to large cohorts of users – up to 50K users, across the subscription from Teams & channels to Meetings to Voice & Calling.


Application management
The app lifecycle connected experiences span from development and validation to publishing and managing apps in Teams– all those aims to streamline and smartly automate apps integration into Teams, which will help users to leverage more easily the key business apps they use every day inside of Microsoft Teams.

We are listing here all the new capabilities we recently announced in New capabilities for Teams Management | July 2020 together with the new capabilities we are introducing today, to provide you the full comprehensive pictures, of the App life cycle connected experience.

Custom app submission API
Streamlining the process of submitting apps directly to the Teams Admin Center for you, to review and approve, resulting by increasing the productivity with simple steps will enable the end users to leverage the App.

Share Apps from the Power platform
Enable Teams users to discover and install Power Apps & Power Virtual Agents in Teams in just one-click, you as an admin control it by using app permission policies to restrict access for feature usage.

Purchase licenses
Enables you to view and purchase subscriptions associated with the 3rd party Teams apps. You can view app licensing status and link to purchase the app all within the Teams Admin Center.

App Configuration
We are enabling App configuration in the Teams Admin center – without the need to jump between portals to the application store to perform the changes. It enables you to configure App specific settings that will streamline your management task and enable simple customization of apps to the organization’s needs. The capability is currently enabled via the Praise App and soon will be available for more and more Apps.

Add or install app to a team from Teams Admin Center
To create a customized, more productive environment for the users, you can now install an app for any team in your organization.

App permissions, grant consent
Coming soon, you will be able to grant consent to Graph API permissions on behalf of the entire tenant and you will be able to see granular permissions and provide resource-specific consent.


Custom app store branding
Soon we are going to introduce the custom app store branding that allows customers to use their own brand, logo, and coloring for the app store in the Teams client. As a result, your end-users will see that the Teams app store is especially curated for the organization.


Calling (voice) management

Phone System is a powerful set of features that allows Microsoft Teams to replace a company’s legacy PBX system with software from the cloud.

Calling plans allows you to acquire new numbers from Microsoft and port your existing numbers from a current carrier. If you want to keep your existing carrier, you can do that as well with Direct Routing and we provide all the tools needed to establish and monitor that connectivity with the cloud.

In addition, we offer a powerful speech enabled auto attendant and call queue capability for automated call handling, treatment, and distribution.


Device management

Device management is enriched with new powerful features, which we recently announced here, and those capabilities allow you to simplify and customize Teams device management, and now we are adding additional new experience enhancements along with the new premium offering.

Watch our session at Ignite about Microsoft Teams device management essentials here:

Display devices new category to be managed in Teams Admin Center
In addition to Teams phones and Collaboration bars, we recently added the ability to also manage Microsoft Teams Rooms, and newly introducing also Teams Displays, all of which can be now managed within Teams Admin Center.

Device management automatic alerting
We are providing a troubleshooting enhanced capability to the existing device health check which will help you to efficiently identify any issues much faster.

Admins can setup alerting conditions for your devices. If a device goes Offline or is in an Unhealthy state, an alert can be sent to a Teams channel of the Admins that are predefined in the system. This triggered notification can be turned into an immediate correction action.

The alerts can be integrated with ITSM providers through webhooks to facilitate auto ticket generation.


Focused device management role

We have created a new admin role strictly to manage devices. The Teams Device Admin role will have the ability to view and manage only the Devices section in Teams Admin Center. This allows Global Admins and Teams Service Admins to delegate device management to individuals without the concern of many individuals in the organization having access to all Teams Admin functions.

phones.pngGlobal Admin role permission (left) and Teams Device management admin role permission (right)

Microsoft Teams Premium

At Inspire, we launched Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium, a new license for Microsoft Teams Rooms which includes Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services. With Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services, experts take on the responsibility of room management and operations on our customers’ behalf.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services are designed to give you peace of mind, free up your IT, and delight end users by maintaining a great in-room meeting experience through expert operations. The service delivers expertise via our intelligent software, dedicated service engineers, and enhanced insights across many customers.

To learn about the newest capabilities in Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services, check out our session here.

You can also sign up here to join the Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services product team in a roundtable session on Oct. 6th and 7th to discuss your management needs and learn more about our FY21 roadmap.

Reporting and analytics

We are constantly looking to expand the reporting and analytics capabilities, listening to your evolving needs, and area of focus. We’re providing more predefined web reports for the ease of use of generating the data you really need as well as additional reporting tools to extend your customized and extended requirements.

Large event reporting and analytics improvements
Provide new data management capabilities for large event reporting, such as search, filter, pagination, and exporting of the data for better analysis.

Call Quality Dashboard data enrichment
The Call Quality Dashboard provides calling and meeting advanced reporting and analytics data, that provide you a single page view of all your organizational calls and meetings, and we added new PSTN data around calling plans and direct routing information.

We also now enable you to leverage advanced reporting capabilities by utilizing the Power BI for fast report building, customize workflow and incorporate customers’ own data to provide insights specific to your infrastructure.

New capabilities in troubleshooting that are coming soon will provide much more granular data for live events and a real time data that will help you to monitor live event for immediate remediation actions.

Single Teams Module in Power Shell
PowerShell allows IT Pros to script up common tasks and link the service with internal systems for automating processes across all the different products available in M365.

New improvements we introduced in Teams PowerShell is the Skype for Business Online Connector consolidation to Teams module that Simplify Teams administration experience with a single Power Shell module that includes complete management capabilities for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online


Advisor for Teams is now available

Advisor for Teams enables you to plan your Teams deployment in your organization and it brings your project team together to help you plan the best possible Teams deployment in your organization.

Advisor for Teams gives you a collaboration space and recommended plans – to provide you step by step guidance, to walk you through the deployment of your Teams workloads such as messaging, meetings, calling, etc.

You will hear from us much more, as we continue to evolve Teams management capabilities to provide you more customized experience and better control, we aim to continue delivering efficiency in one portal for all your Teams management work.

Sourced from: Microsoft Teams Blog. View the original article here.

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