New Avaya OneCloud Brand Reflects Full Cloud Deployment Capabilities

Avaya has rebranded its portfolio of CCaaS, CPaaS and UCaaS offerings under the new name Avaya OneCloud.

They are now categorized into three focus areas: Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, Avaya OneCloud UCaaS and Avaya OneCloud CPaaS. You can deploy the entire portfolio in the cloud. That includes subscription and managed services, as well as Avaya’s private and public cloud offers.

Simon Harrison is Avaya‘s CMO. He said the rebranding demonstrates that Avaya is a “progressive innovator.”

“Avaya OneCloud and its three main portfolios dramatically simplify how our partners connect customers with Avaya solutions,” he said. “It lifts both sales conversations and the delivery of our solutions well above that of a product-by-product level. Packaged offerings deliver more value to customers, enabling them to innovate when they have a need, not just when they have a budget. And this approach is much easier for our partners to communicate and deliver.”

“It’s also about providing the methodology, services, expertise and tools to help organizations every step of the way, as they move from their current position to their desired end state,” he said. “This deepens the relationship between our partners and their customers, and ultimately leads to more selling opportunities. Our amazing partners are carefully chosen for their innovation and ingenuity. And they add the perfect elements and expertise to deliver the complete experience that Avaya customers expect.”Avaya OneCloud is more than “simply providing market-leading SaaS technology,” Harrison said.

Partners Leading Business

Avaya expects most of its business to be led by its partners, as it is now, Harrison said.

“And that’s because our partners play the most critical role of all,” he said. “They own the relationship and engagement with customers. And they provide not only the geographic reach, but the localization that is essential to delivering solutions that are personalized to our customers. We have over 4,000 partners working around the globe to help businesses move forward in their digital transformation every day.”

Since February, Avaya has enabled more than 2.5 million remote workers for more than 11,000 companies worldwide responding to COVID-19, Harrison said.

“We’ve seen an increase in demand over the past two quarters now as the pandemic continues to impact global businesses, but has allowed us to reimagine how Avaya connects with our partners and customers,” he said.

It’s now been over four months since Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral became available to partners in the U.S. And in June it became available in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Source: ChannelPartnersOnline

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