Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog


Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog

Few phrases hold as much truth as “man’s best friend” to describe our four-legged life companions. When you think about it, like any good friends, there’s a lot we can learn from them too.

When life’s hounding you, and it feels like you’ve gone barking mad, paws for a second to reflect on our clever canines.

Sit, Ubu, Sit

Good dog. Dogs aren’t merely obedient, they are the world’s best listeners! You can pour your heart out to them, and there’s zero judgement. They give affection and find comfort in the sound of your voice.

The most sage among us knows that it is more important to listen than to speak.

Love has no hang-ups

Dogs are the true embodiment of love.

They don’t hold grudges or bring up the past. They’re always happy to see you! Even if you scold them, they’ll soon lick it off and come back loving you stronger than before. They sense when you’re down, and know just how to show you that they are always there.

As Loyal As a Dog

Seems the English speakers of old discovered these beautiful pearls of wisdom centuries ago. There’s a reason the phrase exists. When your doggy-loggy loves you, it’s until the bitter end. They’ll protect, adore and serve their human forever, and sometimes a little longer.


Something we should all aspire to is to be a grateful as a greyhound ? All dogs actually (the alliteration was just cool).
Dogs are super-duper grateful. From food in their bowl, to a pat on the head, a throw of the ball, a belly rub and being let out to pee. We should learn to say thank you more often.

Alpha Is an Attitude

Only humans are plagued by imposter syndrome. Don’t limit yourself by thinking you’re too ‘new’ or too ‘little’ —the top is yours for the taking.

Our pack animal pooches teach us that the alpha is not always the biggest or the oldest, but the one that takes charge.
While we’re on this subject…

Think Big

You don’t have to be an alpha to win a battle. You only have to hold your ground. Like the Chihuahua, who is not intimidated by the size of his opponent. They’ll take you on and win!

Perhaps a small reminder that ignorance is bliss, like, do they even know how little they are? But, the key message here is that size doesn’t matter.


Dogs totally live in the moment, and are all the happier for it! They never worry about what happened or what might. They just enjoy what’s happening here and now.

Take their lead. It will reduce your stress immensely to just wholly enjoy what you are doing and not worry about the things you cannot change.

Life’s a Jol

Speaking of happy, what’s a better reason to wag your tail than doing what you want when you want? That’s what Fido does.
When dogs feel playful, they play! Play, sleep, poop, repeat. Not necessarily in that order.
Sure-sure, chewing up mom’s fave heels may not be wise—but it felt darn good at the time.

Let sleeping dogs lie

Pups will play and then—just—lie down. Yes, it’s that simple. Yes, it’s that easy. Yes, when you need to rest, take a nap.

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