Ericsson-LG: ONE – What’s In It For Me?

iPECS ONE is a web-based Unified Communication & Collaboration Solution available on the iPECS Cloud since early 2021. Today we will take an in-depth look at this service and what it can deliver to end-users.

Intuitively crafted user interface

iPECS ONE creates a consolidated virtual space for business communication & collaboration. iPECS ONE is designed to support every level of communication, from traditional phone calls to video conferencing. In order to accommodate different kinds of communication, simplicity has to be at the heart of iPECS ONE and this philosophy has been reflected into every menu & user interface.

Navigating iPECS ONE begins with 5 key menus located on the left-hand side of your screen. Home is the first, and lists all of your recent activities and favorites. The Contacts tab lists contacts from both your company and your CRM, Calls allows you to access a legacy telephony service, Chat enables 1:1 or group chats with file sharing and Spaces allows for team messaging and video conferencing with colleagues or external users. Any content from among all these menus can be located by the Global Search Bar, which is always available at the top of your display. 

Personal Dashboard

It is more important than ever for users to organize their own communications with customers and colleagues. There is a lot that could be potentially crucial for each member of your team, from missed calls, voicemails, new chats and recently sent files. To help everyone prioritize, an interaction log is located on iPECS ONE’s Home tab that shows the most urgent tasks.

iPECS Call handling

Ericsson LG Enterprise has been one of the leading global communication solution vendors since the early 2000s. A key driver that put us in this position was a powerful selection of call handling features, selectively implemented from years of customer feedback.

iPECS solutions allow businesses to stay in touch with customers in a variety of ways, some of the features included are listed here:

AA/IVR, built-in call center features, hunt groups, voicemail, call recording, CRM integration, remote working capability, optimized call routing to any available devices/colleagues, conference calling, and mobility for staff working on the go.

Communication has diversified in recent years, with voice, video and chat now all being essential, however real-time voice communication has always come first. iPECS ONE is unique when compared to others in the UCaaS market as it seamlessly integrates with iPECS’ powerful call servers, which have been supported by decades of innovation.

If you have previous experience with software-based UC applications, you have likely been inconvenienced using them alongside a desktop telephone. This is not the case for iPECS ONE. iPECS ONE supports desktop phone control, even with an entry user license. This allows iPECS ONE to enhance the use of desktop telephones, rather than creating inconvenience.

For office workers who still heavily depend on their desktop telephones, the iPECS ONE call control client is a valuable assistant. This service allows you to control basic call functions through the iPECS ONE client, rather than through your desktop phone. Features include – making, answering, ending and retrieving calls, placing calls on hold, transferring calls and making adhoc conference calls.

In the standard user & premium user iPECS ONE licenses, softphone services are delivered through WebRTC. This high-quality communication service is included in addition to all features included on the entry-level license. This softphone service allows you to stay in contact with customers at any time and on any device. iPECS ONE’s softphone client can be accessed through a desktop phone, PC or mobile, and allows you to use one phone number across all of these devices. The ability to set your status allows you to create a seamless working experience from any location. Your colleagues can see if you are in any of the following statuses, and their options in terms of how to contact you will be changed accordingly:

  • Available – leave a voicemail, call pick-up, call forward, park retrieve
  • In a call – Mute, Hold/Retrieve, Make a second/third call, Switch calls
  • Busy – Intrusion, call back

This service has been made possible by close integration between iPECS’ powerful existing Call Servers & iPECS ONE’s cloud servers. This integration will be expanded upon in a future update, allowing for On-Premise telephony users to migrate seamlessly to iPECS Cloud.

Unified Contacts

With most UC services, users normally try search for the person or people they need to contact before deciding on the way that they will contact them. Once the recipient has been found, it is a matter of checking their presence and selecting the right way to communicate. This is a crucial process, and any good unified contacts screen should make finding colleagues, customers or other external users simple.

In iPECS ONE, this is all contained within your Contacts tab.

When it comes to your colleagues, iPECS ONE imports a list of information for each colleague, including extension, mobile and work phone numbers, their department or team, their job title and more. This information is then clearly visualized in an organization chart, categorized according to each department or team.

iPECS ONE also allows you to access a massive list of customer contact details, with a maximum of 10,000 contacts included as standard. Personal contacts can also be recognized by the server and can then be added to a favorites list.

Most well-known 3rd party CRM solutions can seamlessly integrate with iPECS ONE. iPECS ONE supports more than 64 CRM solutions including Salesforce, Microsoft, Sugar, Sage, Zendesk and more. This support means that you can launch iPECS ONE calls by clicking on any phone number in your CRM. When customers call into your business, their CRM details can be matched and displayed to your team for customer service purposes. Users can also search for any customers through iPECS ONE’s contacts menu, and their CRM details will be included. Further integrations will also be added in future based on local partner feedback.

Collaboration with colleagues & customers

iPECS ONE creates a virtual collaboration environment for businesses through the Spaces menu. With a premium license, users can create a Space for team messaging. Through Spaces teams can host up to 15 party HD video conferences, share screens for presentations and send files. Both team members and guests can be invited to spaces to allow for easier remote working.

External users and customers are allowed to join video conference rooms through Spaces. Invitations to calls come in the form of a URL link, once the link is clicked, the guest will then be prompted to enter the video conference and will send a request to the host.

iPECS ONE is powered by WebRTC, this creates a simple and accessible way to stay in contact with external users. No installation is required for any invitees. The URL invitation link can be attached to any type of calendar such as MS Outlook or Google Calendar for notifications about when the conference is taking place. The only requirement to access high-quality voice and video is a Chrome browser.

iPECS ONE Mobile App

iPECS ONE has been completely optimized for mobile working. iPECS ONE is available to download from both Android and iPhone App Stores. All key features except the Home screen are included in the mobile version with the Contacts, Chat, Call and Spaces tabs all available.

User friendly integration with 3rd party applications – iPECS ONE Web SDK

Finally, as iPECS ONE servers & Clients have been created on Web technology, accommodating key services in other 3rd party applications has never been easier.

iPECS ONE Phase 2.0 has released a JavaScript SDK that provides a set of JavaScript libraries for implementing audio calls, video calls and chat functionalities in other web applications. Using these libraries, 3rd party applications can create a customized client or implement web calls or chat functionality for guest users. These libraries can be downloaded from the iPECS Global Partner Site.

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