BitCo: Internet Safety is Key For Kids

Many of us spend a great deal of our day online, and despite our best intentions, our kids are internet-obsessed too. But do we as parents know how to keep kids safe in today’s digital environment?

The first step is to practice internet safety with your own browsing. Model good behaviour and your kids will pick up on your cues. To use the internet safely, you need to know where online dangers are. As a parent the more you know about internet dangers, the more you can share with your kids. The more you share, the better they’ll be prepared to protect themselves. Things to watch for are non-kid-friendly websites, games, chat, text, social media, emails, apps, pop-ups, and streaming.

Secondly, talk to your kids about safety: Your kids, even the very young ones, understand more than you think they do. Talk to them honestly and openly, and let them know you’re placing trust in them. Help maintain an open communication so that they feel comfortable coming to talk to you if they have questions about content they encounter, or if they come across something that doesn’t feel appropriate. Discuss topics such as solicitous strangers, bullying, oversharing, and password privacy.

Last, but certainly not least. Keep kids within your sight (so no closed doors). Especially if your kids are on the younger side, they shouldn’t be online by themselves. Sitting with them to play games or watch videos also turns an isolating activity into a bonding one. Plus, you won’t have to wonder whether they stumbled on something inappropriate while you were in the shower.

There is no doubt that the internet has made the job of a parent a little more challenging. We have an amazing resource for engagement, connection, and education with the internet at our fingertips. Just like the real world however, the web will never be an entirely safe place. If you practice due diligence and follow the above tips, your kids will have fun and learn while minimising danger.

Sourced from: BitCo. View the original article here.

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