Patton: In the Cloud – LAN Discovery and SIP Phone Access

In this post, Patton Cloud is in the forecast and things are looking pretty bright… because now you can use the Patton Cloud to discover the other devices on the same LAN segment as your SmartNode or other Trinity-based Patton devices. If THAT doesn’t excite you, you’re reading the wrong article. Just saying.

Patton devices connected to the Patton Cloud can now be instructed to scan the attached network for other devices.  How cool is that?

LAN Discovery Network Diagram

Your SmartNode can go out on the local LAN segment and find other nearby devices, including. . .

  • SIP Phones
  • IP Routers
  • Printers
  • Whatever

You can also connect to the Web GUI of any discovered device using the Patton Cloud management interface.

Patton Cloud LAN Discovery Screen Shot
Patton Cloud LAN Discovery Screen Shot

And. .  . you can see details such as

  • SIP Ports
  • HTTP Ports
  • HTTPS Ports
  • SNMP Ports

(If you don’t know what those acronyms mean you’re in the wrong place!)

One more thing: you can set up alerts to tell you with a new device shows up on the LAN.

There is more cool stuff too.

Check out the video to learn more…

>>Patton Cloud LAN Discovery & SIP Phone Access

What did you think?

  • Does LAN discovery get you excited like it does me??
  • Did the video help you understand how to set up and use LAN Discovery in your Patton Cloud implementation?

Please share your thought in the comments below.

Mike Farrell
Mike is a member of the Patton Special Projects Group. He offers experience in project management, database programming, and software quality assurance.

Sourced from: Patton. View the original article here.

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