Ericsson-LG: Improving Customer Service with Advanced Analytics

Working remotely has had a huge impact on the effectiveness of customer service teams across the globe. Powerful analytics systems that can integrate with the latest cloud platforms are often overlooked as a contributor to successful remote management. In this blog post we will explore some of the ways in which iPECS Analytics can help you improve your brand’s reputation.

 Analyze call flows

Advanced analytics tools like iPECS Analytics, the new companion module for iPECS communications platforms, are designed to help you reduce your average call handle time.

Call flow analysis helps identify bottlenecks and obstacles in your call flows. By taking a deep dive into your call records, you can identify whether callers consistently reach the correct team on the first try, how long they spend on hold, how long it takes for each call to be answered and many more indispensable data points.

This allows you to continuously improve your call handling processes, tweaking call flows to maximize staff productivity and customer satisfaction. iPECS Analytics gives you the data and insights you need to act confidently and decisively.

Remote management features

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses were forced to adapt their customer services operations to a new remote environment.

Those who were most successful made the best use of cloud systems and analytics tools to connect with and monitor the performance of remote staff. Cloud systems like iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE ensure your phone lines remain manned even when your office is closed. iPECS Analytics gives you the powerful tools and information you need to track performance of your remote staff and teams.

This approach has helped countless businesses around the world revisit and tweak their customer service processes to better suit a newly remote workforce. Allowing them to maintain and even improve customer service levels throughout the pandemic. iPECS Analytics takes it to the next level, allowing you to monitor stats in real-time and providing the deep insights.  You need to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and reputation of your customer services team.

Track customer interactions to gain a better understanding

Tracking customer interactions with your phone system, and therefore with your staff, is a crucial benefit of the advanced capabilities of iPECS Analytics.

iPECS gives you the ability to adjust the operation of your phone system to better match the needs of your clients, reacting rapidly to the insights given by the intelligent analysis of detailed statistics for every call by iPECS Analytics.

Perhaps more than any other factor, this is the key benefit of call flow analysis. Tracking and analyzing how your customers interact with your business is crucial to success. Naturally, you already pay attention to your marketing campaigns and the impact they have on your brand’s reputation. So why not apply the same thought processes to your phone system?

iPECS Analytics makes it simpler than ever to monitor, track and improve your reputation among your customer base.

React and adapt to changing situations

The Covid-19 pandemic has been more disruptive to businesses globally than any other event in living memory. It has been the greatest test of business adaptability we have ever seen.

This makes the success of iPECS all the more impressive. At a time when businesses rely more than ever on their communications systems to keep them operating, iPECS has continued to provide innovative, reliable and accessible cloud solutions. Keeping businesses operating smoothly and efficiently.

This ethos has been extended to the remarkable iPECS Analytics module, which provides management with the confidence to make informed policy decisions. Every call provides a phenomenal amount of data, helping businesses track performance and transform customer service.

Plan staffing levels

Tracking your average caller wait time, abandoned call rate and call handle time, among other stats, allows you to plan your staffing levels with unprecedented accuracy.

iPECS Analytics makes this process simpler than ever, giving you the confidence that you’ll always have enough staff to handle expected call volumes.

iPECS Analytics can also help identify your busiest times of day, giving you the insight you need to plan accordingly. This can give an enormous boost to the efficiency of your operations by helping each agent to answer more calls in less time. The resulting reduction in the average call answer time and customer wait time goes a long way to giving your business the reputation for customer service excellence that it deserves.

iPECS systems provide far more than remote access and powerful analytics. As Unified Communications systems, iPECS ONE and iPECS Cloud act as your business’s central collaboration hub, combining all of your collaboration tools into one platform. Complete the picture with iPECS Analytics, the new tool from Ericsson-LG Enterprise and revolutionize your customer insights.

Sourced from: Ericsson-LG Blog. View the original article here.

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